HYDERABAD:Pakistan Muslim League N senior leaders of Hyderabad, feeling disappointment among workers, had assembled at residence of senior worker Ismail Pahanwer at Rahim Plaza and mulled on to find ways how to make the party popular among masses.Those who attended the meeting few days ago included Abdul Rashid advocate, Sultan Shaikh advocate, Malik Tanweer.Chowdhry Aijaz,Rashid Naghar, Asif Mirza, Asifa Riaz,Farhan Shaikh. They discussed on party position and took a decision to make party more close to masses and create awareness among people about the policies and achievements of Nawaz government. They were of the view that present set up of party has caused damage to its popularity and criticized so called leaders who, they alleged, have made party as their Jagir. For the purpose of following agenda of party Quaid Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif they formed an action committee. On Tuesday the party senior workers again met at Rahim plaza residence of action committee chairman Ismail Panhwar where the committee decided to remove disappointment from the workers and resolved to make Hyderabad as fort of Muslim League. The committee members pledged to bring the party position to leadership and would not rest until the sincere party workers can get their legal rights. They asked workers to contact action committee at any time to suggest to make party more active.

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