Drops Makes Oceans

Zahid Hussain Mirani

Those learn more who dwell among the masses and they are indeed the ever best living human libraries who never die. Educators are still alive and delivering their services with dedication to the children of God as they think they are not serving the children of people but children of God. While doing field operation in tahseel Nawabshah (Saheed Benazeer Abad) in its union council named Ghandtar itself uc headquarter a village having dense population with majority of Jamli biradari situated in the east-north side of Nawabshah city headquarter I found a unique but evergreen personality. Yes he will never die as he is serving the children of God whom God loves. Mr.Ghulam Hyder Brohi head master of Government boys primary school ghandtar village was appointed on 6/6/1987 as PST and still is in same school from that period and he never think of his transfer as in present times teachers paying homage before the political tycoons especially the district of Nawabshah is famous in this service by the all government officials.
I reached around 3:15 on dated 14/4/2014 to visit the village of ghandtar to meet the Benazir income support program’s women beneficiaries for their pending cases. I stared at the school where a little cute child along with a person having very simple dress was clean the roof of the class with his hands. I though he is laborer as the construction of the school building was ongoing but when he confidently met and welcomed warmly to have a cup of tea in his well decorated office which I we hardly find in rural areas within school building. In a reply of a question about the irregular teachers in primary and higher secondary schools he told that his father was also primary school teacher and he used to stay at the school till the sun sets. He proudly said that I am nurtured under supervision of the most responsible teacher of those times. He feels regretted while telling about the girls education in uc of ghandtar , however; girls are intelligent but owing to poverty their parents cannot support them to send them college and higher secondary schools. He told about a girl from the nearest village of khaslkehli who got 1st position in 6th class in the school but poverty didn’t left her to be the part of country’s development and still she is weeping on her bad luck.
Mr.Ghulam Hyder a legend teacher and an icon in Sindh education department is much worried about the girl’s education in his vicinity. He has never left any stone unturned to provide quality education to the poorest of the poor children of the area who cannot send their children the modern school system which are reserved for the elitist class of this society. He is thousands time best of the all political tycoons whose slogans are all in vain. This unique person indeed is an eye opener for that entire ghost, irresponsible and enemies of our children. Very fewer are the persons on the globe who are human loving and free of ego and greed. They are actually conveying the message of peace and prosperity to the future leaders. NGOs, CSOs and other development practitioners must meet him and visit the school and children. Such teachers must be encouraged that they can be more fruitful for our children.
I have been visiting district of Shaheed Benazir Abad (Nawabshah) since last June 2013 from the platform of BISP social mobilization and visited hundreds of schools over there. Nil is the girl’s education in the remote areas of dunes. Taluka Duar is most deserted in girl’s education where literacy is beyond the people. Government apathy and irresponsible administration of district education is major hindrances in rural education promotion. The controlled political system of this district has never left people to think of any agitation against the bad governance indeed. People think of this all issues as divine matter. However; this shows the lack of human rights education these areas. Right based organization are limited in the urban areas and only engaged in traditional activities of conducting seminars/one day training workshops where corrupt and same human enemies are invited to speak on the human rights issues. This practice of NGOs is actually damaging the people’s voice for their rights.

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