THE HUMAN PROBLEM: Series letters to Scientists by Allama Innayatullah Khan Al-Mashriqi ….(Topics series)

On the sole count of the supreme knowledge that he possesses of Nature it is incumbent on the Scientist to lead Mankind to that PURPOSE for which it was created and not leave the Human race to the mercy of the Capitalists and the ‘merry-maker’. The very idea that the Destiny of Man is in the hands of these who are completely ignorant of the ‘WILL’ and ‘PURPOSE’ of Nature is a glaring instance of the collectivity perverse intelligence of Man.


Scientist alone possesses intelligence literally superior to all Mankind and his verdicts, -even his theories-, on Nature in all the branches of knowledge have been incontrovertibly accepted by Man as TRUTHS. He alone has brought Power, Prosperity and Beauty on Earth. Without him world will be dark! His KNOWKEDGE (of the Eye, the Ear and the Brain) alone is TRUTH, par excellence. He alone is lifting curtains after curtains to show what exalted Beauty and Truth lie behind the Great mystery of Nature. He alone therefore, proper person to LEAD, nay, Rule, Administer and Maneuver Mankind to its ultimate Destiny. The brute politician, who has from immemorial ages torn Mankind to pieces on the score of religion, race, color, etc., is the last person to be entrusted with the Holy task of the Evolution of the Man

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