Salt Secret introduced, starts working in Karachi

Sameer Nazir
Hub Salt is pleased to announce to introduce the exclusive “Salt Secret” salt room, a first in Karachi. Salt Secret is a natural salt therapy center that creates a salt micro climate with suspended microscopic particles of salt that float in the atmosphere. This salt therapy is very popular as an alternative method of relief from illnesses, especially for asthma, lung diseases, breathing problems, flu, sinus problems, skin allergies, to name a few.
Salt therapy was first introduced in Europe by Poland where they had massive salt mines that could no longer produce more salt, these mines were converted into salt therapy hospitals where patients would go in and spend up to a week inside the mines and breathe fresh ionized air that was rich in salt micro climate.
These salt therapy centers are in operation in present days as well, not just in Poland but also in other parts of Europe and in Russian Federation. While it costs thousands of dollars to travel to these countries and pay for salt treatment, we have brought it to Pakistan, observing the acute need to address illnesses such as asthma that can alter one’s life pattern.
Ismail Suttar said that Hub Salt has brought this marvel of nature to creation and are offering services to people from all walks of life that have any health problems described above.
Salt Secret therapy is equally beneficial for adults as well as children that have asthma or breathing difficulties, there is no age barrier and no side effects of this alternative treatment.
Participation is by prior appointment, each session lasts 45 minutes and it is recommended to take at least 3 sessions per week for optimum results and noticeable improvement in one’s health conditions.

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