Roads leading to US consulate blocked in Karachi

Trump’s Jerusalem Plan is international conspiracy against Muslims: Shah

KARACHI: Police has started blocking all roads leading to and from US Consulate here after Majlis-e-Wahdatul-Muslimeen announced to stage protest in front of the premises to express anger the American President Donald Trump decision to shift embassy to Occupied Jerusalem.

Saying that the protestors would not be allowed to proceed beyond Tower and PIDC areas the police said that the US consulate located in Red Zone would be fully protected.

The roads will be closed a by putting up barriers as soon as we receive the orders, police sources said.

While, opposition leaders in National Assembly (NA) Syed Khursheed Ahmed Shah said that Imran Khan has started fearing the PPP after its show of power in Islamabad on December 5 (Golden Jubilee).

Talking to  inauguration of Science Exhibition which was organized at St. Mary’s School in Sukkur here on Satruday. Shah said that government should complect  its tenure and general elections should take place at their designated time.

On the occasion he said that Trump sparked firestorm by recognizing Jerusalem as Israel capital. Shah further added that occupation of Baitul Muqaddas being done and Trump’s Jerusalem Plan is international conspiracy against the Muslims which is fearful about the world.

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