Revealed: Salman’s ‘6 pack’ only on reel not in real…

MUMBAI: So do you think what you see is real? It yes then think again!!

All the thrilling action sequence or the chiseled hero’s body may not be exactly the way they appear on screen. Salman Khan who has been amongst the first few Bollywood stars to carve their body to perfection may leave you in a doubt as what we are going to reveal today is something that will leave you mouth open, Yes!! Salman’s abs are not real but are reel!

Recently a video was discovered that revealed the use of montage, animation and special effects in today’s cinema, both Bollywood and Hollywood movies. A digital production company named VCL Tata Elxsi had uploaded a video on their channel, which seemed quite interesting until we got to know the secret behind Salman’s ab, which came as a shock to us! Not only this as soon as the video was discovered within 24 hrs the video was removed from Youtube channel, now we wonder why is that!

So let me tell you what was actually in the video, The video featured a scene from Sallu’s movie ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ in which Salman removed his T-shirt and then wore a new T-shirt again while, he is planning his next move in the movie. So, in VCL Tata Elxsi video we see the procedure how the ‘abless Salman’ gets picture perfect ‘6 pack abs’!
Now we can understand why Salman the Macho Man in the movies takes off his shirt in almost every movie and when it comes to taking off his shirt in on stage or on public demand he turns into a shy guy..

However, we have proof though the video has been removed, we managed to get a few screen shots from the video before it was removed, so check them out!

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