Research & Review: “History of Khaksar Movement in India” Thoroughly research and written by Prof. Amalendu De.
After the publication of the Tazkira Inayatullah remained silent for about seven years purposely, as he himself noted, in order to assess the impact of this work on its readers as well as the extent of the capacity of the educated sections of the Muslims in accepting the truth. Of course, the period of seven years was too short for such an assessment. Yet his silence was not without any cause and not at all useless. During this period he was told by many men of experience that there was no necessity of publishing the second volume ‘for centuries’. So he kept quiet. He was of opinion that the Muslims should not be compelled to accept any fact. The fact should be placed before them for their consideration. At least, after the silence of seven years, Inayatullah came to the conclusion that the Muslims had full capacity to accept the truth. Accordingly he wrote a treatise in L entitled ‘Isharat’ (lit. ‘signals’) in 1931. This contains an analysis of the ideas of self-reform for the ‘Muslim nation’.

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