Rana Sanullah rejects PTI claims on Faisalabad shooting

FAISALABAD: Senior Pakistan Muslim League leader Rana Sanaullah on Tuesday presented Siraj and Nadim Mughal, whom PTI accused of shooting its worker to death during a strike on Monday, before media

The former law minister also played footage off the chaotic scenes from Monday and said that there was no resemblance between Siraj and the gunmen firing shots at PTI protesters.

Addressing a press conference, he said that the gunman would be arrested soon through the help of footages.

He said that traders organizations rejected Imran Khan’s call for the strike and witnessing the failure PTI workers were dispatched to Novelty Chowk,, Abdullah Pur and Millat Chowk.

Sanaullah said that Siraj had nothing to do with the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz while Nadim Mughal didn’t match the profile of the gunman.

He said investigations were being carried out into the incident, adding that terrorist group might also be involved in the shooting.

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