PYS struggles for peace and development process through national youth of society

Pakistan People Party, Youth Wing Sindh Senator Aajiz Dhamrah has said that the nation development and prosperity of society in country with peace process could be brought through youths. On the occasion of the Youth International day & on the eve of establishment of PPP youth Wing Social Media group, president of Pakistan People Party, Youth Wing Sindh Province, Senator Aajiz Dhamrah & Secretary General, Tanveer Ahmed Arain & others while addressing the participants of the eve said that youths of our country are facing the obscurities & difficulties & succumbed of inferiority in present days because of erroneous policies of dictator General Zia & undemocratic & unconstitutional elements, extremists & their cohorts. Furthermore, they said that first time ever in the history, Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto & Shaheed Benazir Bhutto has brought the policy for development, values, reverence & respect of youths also same was brought into practice. Youths of Pakistan today are united under bold & courageous leadership of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. On the occasion of Youth International day, while proclaiming establishment of “Sindh Social & Media Cell” of People’s Youth Sindh, Provincial Secretary General, PPP Youth Wing Sindh, Tanveer Ahmed Arain, has nominated as provincial Coordinator, Sindh Social & Media Cell Sindh when Fida Khoso, nominated as divisional Social & media coordinator of Larkana Division, Waqar Memon, Mirpur Khas Division, Danial Abro, Hyderabad Division & Sawan Khaskheli, Bhambhore Division. Other hand district level social & media cell & nomination of social media coordinators of district was also announced by people’s Youth Sindh.

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