Prolonged unscheduled power outage continued

August 03, prolonged un-scheduled load shedding up to unidentified duration has completely paralyzed normal life and affected routine business in district Badin.
Towns & cities of district Badin remained under darkness throughout the district including Badin, Shaheed Fazal Rahu, Matli, Talhar & Tando Bago. People of Badin especially business community belonged with district faced miseries.
While talking with media citizen of Badin including Noor Hassan Solangi, Hussain Soomro, Shad Altaf Memon & others said that prolonged un-scheduled load shedding has completely paralyzed the normal life and affected routine lives of the people.
They appealed high authorities to take serious notice of prolonged un-scheduled load shedding and direct the concerned officials to provide relief to people of Badin so they can live their lives easily.
They warned if the prolonged un-scheduled load shedding will not be ended, they would begin protests across district.

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