Communist Party of Pakistan has slated the bureaucratic anti worker attitude of officers of labour department government of Sindh especially labour secretary and advisor to chief minister for depriving the widows of deceased industrial workers of death grant amount which they received from Workers Welfare Fund Islamabad but did not pay to widows and children of late workers for only reason that they were not paid commission. CPP condemns such inhuman attitude of bureaucrats and demands their immediate removal as they had deprived the widows and children of late industrial workers of happiness of Eid. This was stated by coof mrade Imdad Kazi secretary general of CPP while talking with leaders of Trade Unions Action Committee Haji Sher Zaman, comrade Iqbal, Ashraf Rajput and others. He said in similar way the cruel officers also did not pay the amount of scholarship of children of deceased industrial workers which they received. He not only supported the struggle of 7 trade union of Sindh but made them appeal to step up the struggle to force officers to mend their ways.

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