Sameer Nazir 

KARACHI: Sindh Minister for Information, Archives and Local Government Sharjeel Innam Memon said that Pakistan people’s Party (PPP) was the only political party in Pakistan that always believed  and kept abreast the federation of Pakistan ahead to everything while all other political parties had a limited approach toward the federation. PPP had always acted with open heart and never did politics based on ethnicity, community or province but always kept the federation on top and had always strived to address the despondency of the people across the country.

Pakistan was passing through tedious and serious issues, which required working of all the stakeholders and institutions with unity so that the country could come out the enormous challenges and crises and for stronger democracy, said the Minister Sharjeel Innam Memon.

He was talking to the newsmen within the premise of Sindh assembly prior to commencement of assembly session Tuesday.

The Minister declined to comment on the statement that was released the previous night and just remarked that it was a matter between the federal government and Pakistan Army.

While responding to a question about a statement of Minister of state Abid Sher Ali wherein he had alleged the people of Sindh were stealing electricity, said that Abid Sher Ali was a replica of Rana Sanaullah as both were accustomed to pass senseless remarks and make silly statements just to keep them in limelight of media.

He said that he would not like blaming any province for electricity theft but as far as the factual position was, Punjab had as compared to Sindh and Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa had a higher degree of electricity theft.

In reply to a question, he said that PPP had reservations on various provisions of Pakistan Defence Ordinance as the said Ordinance would dissipate frustration across the line. Passage of such laws would create unrest among the masses during the tenure of democratic government in the country.

While speaking on the issue of appointment of Inspector General of Police, Sindh, Memon said that the IG was an honest and a brave Police officer, who was dedicated to his profession and after his appointment as IG Sindh, the ongoing targeted operation would get accelerated and people would get relieved.

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