Sameer Nazir
Provincial Minister for Information and Archives Mr. Sharjeel Inam Memon has said that the Sindh government was utilizing all its resources to develop Tharparkar and to improve economic condition of the area.

This he said while addressing the Sindh Assembly Session in the Sindh Assembly Building here on Tuesday.

“Today you are criticizing Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah and his government but would you explain your inefficiency to deliver when the health department was with you from last 20 year and the chief minister of the province was also from Thar. We would appreciate your constructive criticism but criticism for sake of criticism would not solve the problems,” he said.

The record development works the PPP government has carried out during the last six years have not been done during the last 40 years, the minister claimed.

“Pakistan is a developing country in which annual infant mortality rate stands at 200,000 per annum which is alarming Therefore, the federal and provincial governments, political parties and NGOs have to play their role to improve the situation,” he said and urged media to highlight facts about Thar instead of playing up with negative news .

Talking about press conference by MQM leaders, Mr. Sharjeel Memon said, “people are considering Nagarparkar, Islamakot, Mithi and Chhachhro as only Thar, as a matter of fact these four towns hardly constitute 10 percent population of Thar while 90 percent population lives on sand dunes in the far flug areas where there are transport tracks,” he said and added that PPP during last six years had provided maximum facilities such as water supply schemes spreading over 45 kilometers, health services in the shape of functionalizing dispensaries, rural health centers and have installation of RO plants and developed road network are worth mentioning,” he said.

Giving reference of Faisalabad, Minister Information said that due poor health facilities about 1000 children had died in Faisalabad during last one year. “Faisalabad is most developed city of the Punjab and it cannot be compared with Tharparkar but media did not highlight the apathy in Faisalabad but portraying negative picture of Sindh Government on Thar.

Talking about production of foreign particles such as dust from the wheat bags sent for distribution in Thar, Mr. Sharjeel Memon said that the government has not only suspended the involved officers but have arrested one of them for criminal negligence. “We are aware of our responsibility. The concerned minister, Mr. Jam Mehtab visited Thar and personally conducted the inquiry,” he said.

Talking about road accident at Khairpur which claimed 57 lives, Mr. Sharjeel said “he was surprised to note that some people are doing politics on incident. It is not our responsibility to manage flow of traffic on the National Highway. NHA is custodian of the highways and management of the traffic plying on the highways lies with the Motorway police. Both the organizations belong to federal government. It is road accident and we all are shocked over such a huge loss of lives. The Chief Minister, Syed Qaim Ali Shah taking its serious notice has ordered inquiry.”

Mr. Memon also said that on the one hand leader of the opposition was criticizing PPP government on the other they were using backdoor to join the government.

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