Pakistani media always in the race of breakings

Influential media

Media no doubt is playing a very important role in our modern lives. We make use of media in every aspect of our lives more so then in the past and are more willing to make our opinions know on many issues. It’s the media which guide us towards good or bad, what to do, what not to do, it changes our mood, our fashions sense; in short we use media more than anything else. But still there are some issues on which it is felt that media is going in the wrong direction, misguiding us away, diverting our attention from the core issues and concerns of today’s Pakistan. The introduction of sensational news or the breaking news in Pakistan has taken the media into another phase. Pakistani media is always in the race of getting the breaking news and creating sensations regardless of the cost. They know very well how to `make a mountain out of mole`.
Some days ago, I was reading an article in an Urdu newspaper and felt that in Pakistan where there are so many problems which should be discussed, they are ignored and not brought in the consideration but the pregnancy of Hennery Clinton’s daughter is been discussed openly without a shame. Media which is consider 4th pillar of the state which is enough powerful to shake the minds of our leader but they are already busy in finding such attractive news for the people to divert the attention from the major issues ,to the birth of a foreigner’s child who has the no role in Pakistan what so every.
Giving full converge to the Umar Akmal’s wedding and no time to the real issue on which the future of Pakistan depends. We are facing poverty, every second girl feels insecure walking alone and doing jobs, terrorism, corruption, and many more hindrances which we are facing in moving from an underdeveloped country to a developed country but our media and government are calmly sleeping unaware.
We too are calm, we never bother ourselves to think for the betterment of our country, in fact, we are busy watching the latest movies of those countries who are abusing and using us, but that does not stop us. They have seduced every single person in our country to their ways. Once Indra Gandhi said: “we will use media to spoil Pakistan children” and they doing that now and in the future. We are Muslims and above all we are Pakistani, use our traditions to become modern, use our languages to show that we too can achieve the best for our future generations, and not sit and watch others move forward.
Our media have to be more responsible and sensitive to our culture and values, if we want to compete in the world because the world is a global village and media is the strongest weapon. This is not the era of guns but one of the media wars. The only one with the strong and responsible media will survives. Media’s responsibilities have increased, but they not only have to report but also have to educate the people. This is only possible if our media get out of the race of sensations and plays a role in the effective betterment of the society at large.

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