China-cutting in government land of QARI and land-grabbing in province

Imtiaz Gorar
The report of china-cutting in government land of Qauid-e-Awam Agriculture Research Institute Naudero, Senior Minister Nisar Khuhro put pressure on authorities without seeking official permission to hand over about 10 acre land for village pathway.
A government contractor on political ground reached on the spot with heavy machinery started the construction of about 1 and half kilometers road on Qauid e Awam Agriculture Research Institute Naudero at Larkana, without seeking departmental permission or consent told the authorities and civil society representatives.
The village sources told that the pathway aimed to facilitate PPP voters, before October 31st, 2015, Local body’s election, which is complete violation of code of conduct framed by Election Commission of Pakistan.
Sources further told that 5 days back one of the government contractor carrying heavy machinery and work order of highway department Larkana reached at Qauid e Awam Agriculture Research institute to execute development scheme of construction of road inside the land of institute to village Jian Bhutto.
On the occasion, concerned officials asked them to show departmental permission from agriculture department before starting work on.
The sources told the Senior Minister after refusal and halting of work, Mr. Khuhro infuriated and telephoned to Director Qaid e Awam Agriculture Research Institute Larkana and directed him to handover and permission to villagers to allow the contractor for work.
The Director excused for such issues and said that he is not authority and high ups of his department will give the permission for land.
Later, Senior Minister for Education and Information Nisar Khuhro told this scribe that Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto had established Agriculture Research Institute for sugarcane after setting up Sugar Mill Naudero, so that the villagers nearby agriculture Institute had provided land, now institute authority should give path to villagers, which is in public interest.
He refuted any impression that development scheme works are any part of forthcoming local government elections, adding that development works going on.
Superintendent Engineer Provincial Highway Department Larkana Taj Muhammad Mahar also told that he is unaware about any Constitution work on such pathway from QARI, because several schemes are in progress, however he said that consent of department regarding the acquiring of land should have been taken before, added he will look into the matter.
It is pertinent to be mentioned here that former Prime Minister of Pakistan Shaheed Zulifqar Ali Bhutto during his government had established Qauid e Awam Research Institution for sugarcane on 1973 for the facilitation of growers and farming community of upper Sindh and 106 agriculture land was acquired by Revenue department for the research of sugarcane, while after the passage of 29 years the influential persons with collusion of Revenue officials made forgery in revenue record and claiming the ownership and attempted to occupy over 6 acre Agriculture Land survey No. 243/3B of Qauid e Awam Research Institute Naudero located at the distance of 5 KM from Larkana city.


A precious land of 32 acres of forest department of Kathri Forest of Hyderabad district which was grabbed by a powerful minister of Sindh cabinet has now been sold by his men to a trader in sum of Rs. 20 millions under very nose of forest department officers. The minister who has since a month or so gone underground after Rangers raid on his home siezing 2000 millions of corruption money. Like other corrupt officers and assembly members who have either been arrested, raided or are under fear of getting raids have started to sell the properties they made during their tenure out of fear of confiscation Sindh minister who was reported by Sindhi media to have grabbed thousands of acres of land of Miani and other forests has now started to sell it out. He is not only land grabber and making of fortunes through corruption but he is being quoted in Sindhi media of being involved along with an SSP in kidnapping of nephew of DIG Memon of Sindh police. Thatta police had last month arrested one notorious criminal Bashir Brohi in case of kidnapping nephew of DIG Bashir Memon and then getting ransom amount of Rs.7.5 millions. He is quoted as manager of this powerful minister. The people are getting surprised as to why this minister is not arrested and it is also surprising that chief conservator of forest whose office is situated in Hyderabad has not taken notice of sale of Kathri forest land by men of minister. CCF and other forest officers silence suggests either they are helpless before the said minister or themselves involved in grabbing of forest land and now its sale.

Govt of Pakistan to prepare the policy about the food preservation: Mohammad Ali Shah

Sawan Khaskheli
Pakistan Fisher Folk Forum (PFF) Badin has held a huge rally marking day of world food day at Badin. Hundreds of workers including men, women and children belonged of rural area participated the rally. The rally was took place from DCO chowk Badin and concluded at Badin Press Club along with chanting huge slogans in the favor of peasant by holding play cards, banners and colorful flags of PFF.
While addressing the participants of the rally Mohammad Ali Shah, Chairman Pakistan Fisher Folk Forum (PFF) expressed that food dearth is being increased day by day, adding more he said that many countries throughout world have made the policies regarding the food provision to its public but Pakistan has been failed to prepare the policy regarding food provision. He stressed over the Govt of Pakistan to prepare the policy regarding the food preservation and such policy should be implemented on the prior as food dearth could be minimized.
Moreover, he expressed that many countries of the world have signed the convention of the right of food in United Nation but Pakistan yet not signed the convention regarding right of food when more than 70% population of Pakistan is depended on the agriculture. On the occasion Sajan Shaikh, Mithan Mallah, Umer Mallah, Abida Jamali, Yaseen Tunio and others also addressed the participants of the rally.

Appeal to take notice of brutal killings of innocent Sindhi Hindu daughters

Sawan Khaskheli
Progressive Youth forum and Indus Student Organization held a rally against the kidnapping, brutal killing of the Sindhi Hindu daughters including Kakoo Kolhi, Hawa Meghwar and recent brutal killing of Leelan Bheel and rise of extremism in Sindh province. The rally was took place from Qazia Wah and concluded at Badin Press Club in the lead of Narain Kolhi, Dr Heman Das Kolhi, Kawish Jokhio and others. While addressing the rally representatives said that Sindhi Hindu daughters are being succumbed of brutal killings and kidnapping. They added that mostly Sindhi Hindu daughters are also facing religious extremism adding more they appealed to take notice of the brutal killings and kidnapping of innocent Sindhi Hindu daughters. On the occasion they also appealed Chief Justice to take suo motu action against brutal killings of innocent Sindhi Hindu daughters.

Indus Medical University Hospital Karachi to take over Civil Hospital Badin

Sawan Khaskheli
People of Badin welcomed the decision of Govt of Sindh to handing over the administration of Government Civil Hospital Badin to Indus medical University Hospital Karachi. In this connection a reedy survey was held by the media mostly representatives of Civil Society, Administration of Govt Civil Hospital Badin and politicians hailed the decision and termed the decision in the favor of the public of Badin. Dr. Kousar Mandhro, Civil Surgeon and other Doctors including senior Dr Razaque Memon, Dr Arshad and representatives of Paramedical expressed, the decision of Sindh Govt is in the favor of the common people adding the said that by taking over the administration by Indus Hospital Karachi the political interference would be minimized. Moreover they added that shortage of the special Doctors would be eliminated and medicine along with best service would be given to poorest people of Badin. While talking with The media, famous social activist, Abu Bakar Shaikh welcomed the decision of Sindh Govt and said that Govt failed to deliver facilities to people consequently administration was handed over to Indus Hospital Karachi. He added that it is appreciable decision of Govt. Another renowned social activist Aishique Ali Khuwaja expressed that he is very happy to hear such decision and termed a good decision of Sindh Govt. He told that Indus is an International Organization and has equipped with modern technology and trained human resources. Ameer Mandhro, expressed that we have taken some efforts earlier for handing over the administration of Civil Hospital to Indus Hospital Karachi adding more he said such decision should be taken at its earliest. The common people will get benefit easily with through such decision.
Khalifo Ashafaq Ahmed shared that might we have political differences but it is a good decision in favor of common people and common people of Badin appreciated the decision. He said that credit goes to Dr Sikander Mandhro, representatives of civil Society and common people of Badin. Adding more he said that with decision, the political interference would be ended. Abdullah Turk said expressed that the decision is not in the taken in the favor of people. Govt should own its institutes and develop its progress well. A famous politician and district General Secretary of PPP District Badin, Dr Aziz Memon said that there should be justice with present employees of Civil Hospital and he termed a good decision in favor of common people. He expressed that due to the decision Govt has made off the doors of corruption which occurred at local level. He stressed that Indus Hospital Karachi administration must justice with existing employees.
Mohammad Ismail Rahu, Provincial President, Pakistan Muslim League (N) Sindh expressed that it would be the best that Govt should handed over all administration of Sindh province to Sindhi people adding more he said that Govt should handed all institutes to people of Sindh and Sindhi people can better knows to run their own institutes. On the occasion Dr Sikander Ali, Minister of Parliamentary affairs, said that yes the management of district hospital Badin has handed over to Indus Medical University Hospital under an agreement for better performance, the agreement has a backup support to public private partnership bill passed by Sindh Assembly.


Riaz Chandio the chairman Jeay Sindh Mahaz (JSM) along with delegation reached at the Phulpoto House in Sadar Mohalla and condoled with the heirs of renowned personality Lala Younis Phulpoto for his sad demise and expressed his deep sorrow and said that Younis Phulpoto was a son of soil he rendered several services for people of Sindh particularly Shikarpur while his name will be written in golden letters in history here on Sunday.
Riaz Chandio the JSM Chairman said that Pakistan People Party (PPP) has completely failed due to its performance if the Local government (LG) Elections would be free and fair then PPP will be defeated in overall Sindh because in the name of development funds the PPP rulers are build their fate adding more the development work is only in files while the people of Sindh are deprived their fundamental rights due to negligence of PPP rulers.
Furthermore he accused to PPP rulers that on the name of Shaheeds PPP have changed the future of people of Sindh in darkness adding more for some monthly stipend the women of Sindh are being begging by PPP rulers which is condemnable act.
Responding to a question he said that our designated candidates will be won LG Elections with the major support of votes.
Mumtaz Phulpoto, Yousif Phulpoto, Sajjad Hyderi, Danish Hyderi, Asadullah Soomro, Raja Jatoi, Rafique Kalani, Ali Hassan Malano and other were also present on the occasion.

Imtiaz Gorar
Senior Minister for education and information department Sindh Nisar Ahmed Khuhro on Saturday said that before 18the amendment and provincial autonomy, federal government used to collect 4 billion in services of Sales Tax, now Sindh government collects 44 billion and has set new target 61 billion for next year, he said this while addressing the press conference at Larkana Press Club.
He said that Sindh government is striving hard for good governance to increase the performance of present government, present Sindh government is implementing on 18th amendment while other provinces have yet not accepted the provincial autonomy, still there are some issues of department transferred to Sindh government after 18th amendment among Culture, tourism, EOBI, Zakat and others.
To a question about the withdrawal resignations by MQM, Senior Minister said that MQM tendered resignations on conditions not voluntarily and it was matter of three institutions Senate, National Assembly and provincial assemblies that is why their resignations were not accepted by Sindh Assembly, adding that PPP government will welcome the MQM Lawmakers for rejoining, he said.
Nisar Khuhro talking about the Karachi operation, said that Sindh government with federal government initiated the operation against the terrorists, criminals and extortionists it has yielded positive and fruitful results and maintained the peace and harmony in metropolitan, admitted that Rangers and Police have put end the target killings and other criminal activities in Karachi returned the peace and tranquility and now traders and citizens take sigh of relief, he claimed.
Replying another question regarding paddy issues, Mr Khuhro said that traders fixe the rates of paddy following international market for purchasing, low rates definitely discourage the farming community and growers, said that government should give subsidy on imported fertilizer and others relating to agriculture.
Talking about the 60000 absconders in Larkana region disclosed by DIG Sain Rakhio Mirani during hearing in Sindh High Court Larkana, Nisar Khuhro astonished that despite of that why DIG is calm and not taken action, he said DIG is responsible why they are at large, Sindh government will ask.

Imtiaz Gorar
Speakers at a seminar said that Article 19-A of the constitution provides a framework for promoting interface between the citizens and the government, ensuring the people’s right to have access to information in all matters of public importance, they said this in Seminar was organized by Civil Society Support Program (CSSP) in collaboration with Enhanced Democratic Accountability and Civic Engagement (EDACE) under title “Freedom of Information”. Here at local hotel Larkana.
Senior bar members, media persons, civil society activists and large number of youth as well witnessed the Seminar.
Speaking at the program, renowned advocate and former Larkana High Court Bar General Secretary Akeel Bhutto said that according to Article 19(A) of the Constitution, every citizen has the right to have access to information in all matters of public importance subject to regulation and reasonable restrictions imposed by law. He said that there are plethora of records related to a common man that are held by public bodies but there have been neither public awareness procedures, making people aware how common people can have access to their own records nor public bodies display such information at prominent places at their premises. Consequently, a majority of citizens do not know about the fees and procedures to get copies of public records added Mr. Bhutto. Advocate Rafique Abro observed that lack of information about fee and procedures to get copies of these records results in corruption and hardships for a common man.
Larkana Press Club President S. Iqbal Babu stressed the need for proactive disclosure of information by public departments through their web sites. He was of the view that online sharing of information will go a long way in improving service delivery. He further said that sharing of records through web sites will eliminate the need for visiting offices of public bodies in person. As a result, people will not have to run from pillar to post and offer bribes to get things done. Mr. Babu apprised that according to the Act, govt had to appoint public information officers in every department to deal with request, however, no govt department has appointed any officer to deal with requests.
Senior Journalist and Social activist Jawed Shah pointed out that the Act has some inherent flaws in shape of long and delayed timelines for the process up to more than 21 days, which shows level of seriousness on the part of the authorities.
Advocate Kalpna Devi said that according to Sindh Freedom of Information Act 2006, every citizen of Sindh shall have right to have access to information from the public institutions and the insertion of Article 19A in the Constitution has strengthened and also adorned this right. She said that common public is gripped with many issues and there is dire need to create wider awareness among the people.
Afzal Shaikh of CSSP said that Pakistan is the first country in the South Asia, which promulgated Freedom of Information Ordinance, 2002 at the Federal level. Despite the passage of 13 years since promulgation of the Ordinance, the results expected from this law are still awaited and this can largely be attributed to the lack of public awareness about the very existence of this law.


An Anti corruption Police party laid by Circle Officer (CO) Shikarpur Shahid Hussain Shahani while raiding on the residence of former Taluka Municipal Officer (TMO) of Khanpur Taluka Municipal Administration arrested him on the charge of embezzlement in national development funds on Thursday late evening.
Abdul Hafeez Pirzado the former TMO had appropriated in development funds of Rs70.00 million when he was posted as a TMO at Khanpur in last 2013-2014.
The former TMO Abdul Hafeez Pirzado was an employee of Education Department as a teacher and was posted as TMO on deputation at Garhi Yasin Taluka Municipal Administration by PPP government and then after he assumed the office of TMO at Khanpur district Shikarpur.
An FIR was registered under crime No. 7/2015 on behalf of state with the permission of the Divisional Commissioner and Chairman of Anti Corruption Committee-2 (ACC-2) after completing the investigation process.
The arrested TMO was produced before the court of Sessions and District Judge Shikarpur for getting physical remand and the honorable court granted the remand for 3 days and gave him in the custody of the Anti Corruption Police to hold further investigation into the case.


The traffic policeman Pervaiz Ali Marfani who was gunned down by some unknown armed target killers during the traffic duty in Karachi on Thursday.
The dead body of the deceased traffic police man was sent to his native village Andal Khan Marfani in Taluka Garhi Yasin Shikarpur where his funeral ceremony was performed and after offering his Janaza-e-Nimaz hid body was buried in his ancestral graveyard there on Friday morning.
A large number citizen, social workers were participated in the funeral prayers.

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