Pakistani film actor Santosh Kumar remembered on his death anniversary

KARACHI: One of the foremost and renowned heroes of Pakistani films Santosh Kumar is being remembered on his death anniversary today (Tuesday).

Santosh Kumar was a well-known Pakistani film actor of 1950s and 1960s era.

Santosh Kumar’s real name was Syed Musa Raza. He was born in 1925 at Lahore. He belonged to a well educated family from Uttar Pradesh, India.

His brother Darpan was also a renowned film actor while his other brother S. Suleman was a prominent film director.

He was considered to be the first ever top romantic hero of Pakistan. He started his film career with a movie Ahensa in 1947 in India and in Pakistan; his first film was Beli in 1950 which followed the first ever silver jubilee Urdu film Do aansoo. Santosh was honorably called as the foreign minister of the Pakistan Film Industry because of high education and awareness.

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