Pakistan enters into 3D game animation

Interactive Cells developes “Galaxy Rush” on android

Sameer Nazir
Pakistan has also entered itno 3D animation as the local software company, IntercativeCells’ subventure Fyre Gamez has developed a new action plus adventure space game that was launched recently on Android Play Store. The game called ‘Galaxy Rush ‘ developed by Fyre Gamez (A Sub-venture of InteractiveCells), comes up with a creative story and some really cool graphics and game play. The 3D game’s story revolves around a boy who gets to know about the plans of some other Galaxy aliens, who are planning to attack earth. Before the boy can do something about it, he was abducted by the aliens. While the aliens are celebrating the boy’s abduction, the boy manages to escape and find a space jet which is his only hope to reach the earth. It is now upto the boy to rush through this galaxy using the jet and find its way back to Earth. On his way he finds many obstacles including walls, illusional tracks, fire balls and meteor showers and ofcourse the aliens that are chasing him. He has to avoid all the obstacles and collect the power crystals and rush his way home. These power crystals can only save earth from these creatures.
According to the InteracticeCells’ this fantasy based space game is developed by a Gold Medalist from NED University, Saad Siddiqui and Rashid Nazeer. It furher said that it’s a real challenger with a hard difficulty level and some smart logic. The graphics are excellent plus the game play is fast. As per the company, more new levels will soon be added to the game and it will be launching in coming month on the iTunes store. The game is available to download on PlayStore. The game developers are preparing to set a whole sequel to this game which means we will be seeing many editions of this app in the future. It is highly recommended to all, the spokesman said.

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