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Talking to media men Inspector General of Police (IGP) Sindh Ghulam Hyder Jamali has said that the case of Shikarpur disaster was the challenge for Sindh police to detect it and all moral and legal resources were being utilized to unearth the master mind and facilitators of the terrorists involved in the case of suicide blast of Shikarpur.
He said that the terrorist were creating fear and panic in the areas and thus the terrorism was created in Shikarpur after the suicide bomb blast attacks on innocent people at Peshawar, Lahore, Karachi which were brought under control to great extent and hoped that to detect the case of Shikarpur terrorism very soon for which the investigations are being conducted from multi angles.
He hoped that the good news would be received by the people of Shikarpur very soon when some clues were achieved to reach to the real culprits involved in Shikarpur disaster.
Replying to a question he said that the terrorists were coming from out sides to destroy the peace and calm in different parts of the province therefore it can not be declared with assurance that there were the hideouts of the terrorists in Shikarpur district where the terrorists were making network for creating disturbances in the district.
About the registration of the Madaris the IGP Sindh told that the registration and documentation process is going on while the managements of Madaris are in this regard remaining in contact with government as per National Action Plan in which the registration of Madaris was decided.


Waheed Phulpoto
Speaking at the Joint press conference of Shuhida Committee held at central Imam bargah here on Friday morning.
Allama Maqsood Ali Domki the Committee Chairman expressed his deep concerned over the step motherly treatment towards the progressive initiative in ongoing investigation process and said that the Sindh government as well as district police was playing sick roll in achieving the due out put to satisfies the effected families of their relatives who were assassinated in the recent suicide bomb blast attack occurred in central Imam bargah Masjjid on Friday last.
While expressing dissatisfaction over the investigation being conducted by investigation teams the chairman of Shuhida Committee announced to launch country wise protest movement to be started from 7thFebruary of 2015 in protest against the Shikarpur disaster.
According to program the protest camp will be organized at Lakhi Gate clock tower chowk here in Shikarpur which would remain continued till the demands of the Shuhida Committee were accepted.
The committee Chairman informed that from 13th Feb, of 2015 the protest rallies shutter down strikes and demonstrations would be held at provincial level in Sindh. While the country wise protest rallies and demonstrations would be organized in all the provinces against the Shikarpur disaster.
Besides the protest demonstrations would be staged in front of the Sindh Chief Minister House till the demands of the Shuhida committee were accepted.
According to the demands, the Shuhida Committee has demanded the resignation of Sindh Chief Minister from his office at once, constitution of judicial investigation commission for Shikarpur disaster, order for military action on the basis of Zarb-e-Azb operation in Shikarpur district and the action against the training process being exercised in Shikarpur district.


Waheed Phulpoto
On the call of Shuhida Committee the joint Juma prayer was offered by the victim family members and the citizens at Lakhi Gate Clock tower chowk here on Friday.
The bazaars and business centers were closed voluntarily by the citizens on the occasion to express their solidarity with the victim families and participated in Juma prayer in large number.
After the Juma prayer the the Shuhida Committee Chairman Maqsood Ali Domki informed the gathering for final protest movement to be launched provincial and country wise level.
Meanwhile Ayaz Lateef Palejo Chairman Quami Awami Tahreek and Ali Ahmed Palepoto Sindh provincial president of PPP-SB accompanied with their party leaders visited Shikarpur and offered Fateha and expressed their condolences with the victim families of Shaheeds of Shikarpur disaster home to home.
Besides the activists of Quami Awami Tahreek (QAT) took out the protest rally led by Chairman Ayaz Lateef Palejo and staged the demonstration at Lakhi Gate clock tower chowk here to pay rich tribute to the Shaheeds of Shikarpur disaster and expressed their solidarity with the victim families there.


Minorities of Bagri community held protest demonstration and observed token hunger strike in front of press club here Friday against attack and ransacking of Radha Kirshan Mandir and occupation of its plot. The protest was held under banner of Office of Pakistan Human Rights Forum and led by Jagoo Bagri, Maharaj Soorajpuri Shri Henglaj Shiva Mandli, Mukhi Bhagat Karamchand, human rights leader Mehboob Sangi,Wasnd Korai, Ali Akbar Dr. Amrashi Thakur and Dilip Kumar Jethani. The protest was participated by scores of women and children of Bagri community. They told media that their historical Radha Kirshan Mandir at village Saheb Khan Mirrani, near Deth railway station on Hyderabad Mirpurkhas road has been attacked by Alam Arain and his armed men on 30 January they ransacked the building of temple and beat the worshippers. They said the community lodged report at Rahuki police station but on next day same persons again attacked the temple and injured a 12 years old girl Pooja Bagri by breaking her arm.They made appeal to higher authorities and chief justice to take notice of attack and provide Hindu community protection.

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