Pakistan-American entrepreneur to build hospital in Texas

DALLAS: Pakistani-American entrepreneurs Dr Hassan Hashmi and Suleman Hashmi announced a plan to build additional two new hospitals in two cities of Texas after the success of Texas General Hospital of Grand Prairie.

The group will invest around 145 Million dollars in these three hospitals where Suleman Hashmi’ and his father Dr. Hassan Hashmi will be equal partners. Suleman Hashmi said that their group has spent 90.7 Million Dollars in Social Welfare to support community charities.

He said that despite such a large charitable contribution the Texas General Hospital came out with profit.

Suleman Hashmi’ said that their hospital has achieved a prominent position in comparison with other medical establishments in Metroplex.

Our efforts are to create a dream paradise environment for our patients. The hospital has one hundred and fifty rooms and all are VIP rooms, where we have expert staff available to provide immaculate service, he said.

We have specially kept the hygienic and cleanliness as top of our focus to provide an infection free rooms in this hospital, as special disinfectant material is used which is capable of killing all bacteria and germs, he said.

Hashmi’ said that the surgical department in the hospital is a state of the art facility where latest equipment is available. We are proud on the facilities we are providing to our patients.

He said that specialized staff training, state of the art equipment and disinfected floor are all exclusive features that make us a leading hospital on patient services standards.

By adding two more hospitals in Texas, we will create a troika to provide excellent services, Hashmi said.

He said that more than 90 million dollars are spent on community welfare projects in charitable donations. He said even after providing such a large amount on charity, the hospital is still in profit.

Hashmi’ said that he wish to see this hospital as a teaching institute for future generation. He said his hospital is a leading institution in the whole metroplex in terms of standards and facility.

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