One man dies and another injured in armed clash

One man was killed and another was seriously injured in an armed clash took place between two groups of Shar and Soomra community men near Jacobabad Shikarpur Bypass road the jurisdiction of Newfujdari police station here on Thursday.
According to details the group of Amanullah Shar had illegally occupied the plot of one Doctor Muzafar Hussain Eissani / Soomro residence of village budo Taluka Garhi yaseen on which the owner of the plot sent his delegation of some notables to ask the occupants to vacate the illegal possession of plot and stock the more occupation of the other area.
The occupant name Amanullah Shar refused to vacate the plot and called his other tribes men with weapons to fight.
The armed men on the call of occupant, some group of Shar tribe men armed with automatic weapons reached on the spot and started fairing on the delegates who were sitting there for negotiation. As a result of fairing one of the delegates Arbelo Soomro was killed on the spot while his other component named Raaja Rajar received serious bullet injures.
The Police while receiving the information rushed reached at the scene of fairing and control the over situation.
The Police sent the dead body and the injured to civil hospital Shikarpur for post marten of the dead body and the medical treatment of the injured.
The injured Raaja Rajar was after giving him medical first aid was referred to civil hospital larkana and serious condition for further medical treatment.
The dead body was handed over to his relatives by police after post marten
Earlier the victim relatives while keeping the dead body of deceased Arbelo Soomro on National High way and block the road in protest against the incident.
The road was reopened for vehicular traffic by police on the assurance to arrest the culprits.
Neither the FIR into the case was registered nor was any arrest of the culprits reported till this news was flashed.

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