One day seminar on “Water issues of Tharparkar

Dileep Doshi Lohano
One Day seminar on “Water issues of Tharparkar and its Resolution” was arranged at village Kharo Doongar of union council Joruo with the collaboration of Sukkar Foundation. Large number of villagers of adjacent villages along with many social organizations, journalists and district officers of social welfare office participated in the seminar.

Mr. Natho Khan Rahimoon, District Social Welfare officer was of the views on that occasion that water is basic and essential need of human life. District government also has started many different projects with the help of development funds of Sindh government in this regard.

Mr. Mukesh Raja Suthar, Social activist said that legislation should be done for underground water of Thar and a different water policy would be prepared. He further said with the help of technical and low cost methods water issues can be resolved.

Renowned journalist Prem Shivani addressed the seminar and said that in comings years, basic health issues would be increased because of Thar coal work, livestock, agriculture and existing water resources will also be affected. He advised the government in this regard, to make changes in Thar coal policy to save the inhabitants from any harm.

Kirshan Sharma, a renowned social activist was of the views that people should own their resources and inhabitants can change the fate of this region with their own help despite the support of social organizations.

Karim Samejo, Professor Noor Ahmed Janjhi, Khadim Sindhi, Jamoon Suthar, Faiz Muhammad Junejo, Murtaza Lashari and others also addressed the seminar. In last villagers presented a tab-low on “water is life”.

TRDP with USAID’s Small Grants and Ambassador’s Fund Program (SGAFP) project

Dileep Doshi Lohano

THARPARKAR: Thardeep Rural Development Programme (TRDP) organized project closing ceremony of USAID’s Small Grants and Ambassador’s Fund Program (SGAFP) project “Revival of Traditional Crafts in Tharparkar” at Mehran Hotel, Karachi.

Mr. Meva Balani Incharge Project Manager explained that the project has been designed in such a way that it will impact rural women artisan in many ways including revival of crafts, women economic empowerment, system development. The intended results will sustain this change beyond project period and can be replicated in other parts of Pakistan.

He said that TRDP has formed 60 Artisans groups at village level, enhanced the capacity building of 1200 artisans in colour quality & designs training, Enterprise development and group formation training. Provided exposure visit opportunity to artisan, provided training and production material to products crafts products. He said that TRDP has provided 5 million rupees to artisans as stipend payment on preparation of products.

USAID’s support has helped in reviving the dying traditional arts and crafts of Tharparkar – embroidery and block printing by training 1200 female artisans and establishing links between them and the markets, enabling them to progress in a sustainable manner.

Pirbhu Satyani Advocacy specialist TRDP welcomed to all participants. Mr. Satyani said TRDP work in 4500 villages in four districts of Sindh (Tharparkar, Umerkot, Dadu and Jamshoro). He said, 100 percent women focused this project title “Revival of Traditional Craft” was implemented in 12 villages of district Tharparkar where we enhanced the embroidery and block print skills of 1200 local artisans.

He further said said, today is closing ceremony where we will share the major achievements of this project how that it has contributed to bring leadership role in Thari women.

Ms. Manu Bai local artisans from village Mithi said that now they are happy, she has received many trainings to improve the skills which will helped her to increase the livelihood options too. We all women from Tharparkar are thankfull to USAIDSGAFP and TRDP to continue this project in future.

Mr. Rochiram Advocate said that this work is art; this work is to promote art and crafts. He said that today he is happy to see artisans of Tharparkar in Karachi.

He said that beauty of Thar is very famous in the world and crafts of Tharparkar are the very rich in skills, so need to work to create linkages with potential buyers.

Ms. Seema Nazli Director Social welfare department Sindh said she appreciates TRDP and USAID to implement this type of activities for women artisans and traditional crafts. This type of project will promote and enhance livelihood options and household resources of artisans.

Ms.Sabiha Shah Member of TRDP board of Directors was of the views that she is happy to see these artisans here in Karachi and there is need to promote them on international level, she further said their linkage with SABAH Pakistan is a good development.

Artisans from rural areas of district Tharparkar, designers, representatives from civil society, partner organizations, relevant public departments and media persons participated in the event. TRDP exhibited sample traditional crafts products of women artisan of Tharparkar in the event and also established stalls of crafts products prepared by artisans of Tharparkar under USAID SGAFP RTCT Project.

In the end, Naru Mal General Manager operation TRDP thanked to all participants.

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