Gang war erupts again in Lyari, claims one life

KARACHI: After a few weeks of peace, Lyari was once again rocked with firing and bomb attacks when gang war broke out in the area again on Friday during which one man was killed while eight others sustained injuries.

According to police sources, clashes erupted between Uzair Jan Baloch and Baba Ladla groups in Kala Kot area of Lyari which is predominantly governed by Uzair Baloch group.

Tension had gripped Kala Kot area since last night after hundreds of gangsters of Noor Mohammad Baba Ladla group attacked Kala Kot, Reksar Line and Ghareeb Shah Road areas.

They ambushed the houses of rival members with firing and bombs and miscellaneous reports stated that they took control of several houses in Reksar Line.

During the intense exchange of fire in these areas, one man was killed while eight others were injured including women.

Police and Rangers remained absent from the scene during the clashes while the residents fled from the area amid violence. The business activities and transport were suspended soon after the fighting erupted in the areas.

Until the last report was filed, security forces were devising a strategy to contain violence in Lyari.

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