Old Pakistan Peoples Party leaders and workers protest against present Party regime

ALI MADAD LASHARI (District Reporter)
Pakistan Peoples Party PPP senior and old workers meeting held against the corruption of PPP Taluka Sijawal Junejo office bearers and demanded of the removal of Secretary General and President Ghulam Sarwer Bhutto and Gada Hussain Gopang immediately.
Nazir Hussain Bhutto presided over the meeting of old PPP leaders and Workers in Arzi Bhutto, where they shouted the slogans against the selling of jobs and heavy corruption in the different schemes and projects.
On the occasion, several notables polling agents and PPP old workers among Dr. Gada Hussain Magsi, Nazir Hussain Khajar, Mazhar Khan Mahesar, Ubedullah Leghari, Ayaz Mahesar, Niaz Husssain Magsi, Dr. Qamarddin, Noor Nabi Khan Brohi and others alleged that the PPP Taluka President Gada Hussain Gopang and General Secretary Ghulam Sarwer Bhutto misused party designation and they have also sold various jobs given by the party rules and violation.
They demanded a high level enquiry and proper investigation, otherwise action will not be taken against them, they will widened the protest and continue struggle for the removal of black sheeps in the party.

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