New era of Annual Development Plan (ADP) 2014-15 would be a revolutionary: CM

Sameer Nazir
KARACHI: The Chief Minister Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah has said that New Annual Development Plan (ADP) 2014-15 would be revolutionary one and it to introduce new mega development projects in big cities and upgrade the small towns of the province as well. He said that under new ADP, the basic services provider organizations such as KWSB, WASA, TMAs, Education and Health Sector would be financially strengthened to ensure efficient deliveries to the people, also strengthened and well equipped to Sindh Police to maintain the law and order situation in the province. This he observed while presiding over new budget preparing meeting held at CM House today. The Advisor to CM for Finance Syed Murad Ali Shah, Additional Chief Secretary Planning & Development Wasim Ahmed, Secretary Finance Sohail Rajput, Special Secretary to CM Syed Mumtaz Shah, DG Monitoring & Evolution Syed Imtiaz Shah and other officers of Planning and Development / Finance Department attended the meeting.
Addressing the meeting the Chief Minister Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah who was also the President of PPP Sindh Chapter said that, PPP posses a rich and historical development background, because of development achievements that it made when ever came into power. He directed the officers that keeping in view the development perception of PPP Government, prepare a new innovative development plan, that not only to catter the needs of the people of each area but to ensure its visible impact on the people. He said in addition to mega development project of big cities such as K-4 water project and KCR project of Karachi and many other projects to upgrade the small towns in the province are being considered to include in new budget.
Besides, basic services provider organization/ utility organizations such as KWSB- WASA and TMAs would be financially strengthen and enable atleast to deliver efficient deliveries of water supply, drainage and sanitation services to the people. He directed the officers concerned to re-visit their development plan and transfer all 227 small size development schemes to the district Administration concerned with allocated fund. The Chief Minister directed to include one well standard disable centres scheme at least at each divisional head quarter, for learning and capacity building of the special people work force.
The Chief Minister directed the officers to work out the Federal & Provincial Government receipts and design such development plan within resources, that not only to cater the needs of people but also be possibly implemented within due course to time. The Chief Minister Sindh also directed the monetary management to keep provision of more funds in new budget to strengthen and equip the Sindh Police and enable it to meet out present challenges of law and order.
The meeting was informed that Rs. 06 billion out of budget allocation have already been released to Sindh Police to purchase the APV- bullet proof vehicles, vests, helmets and other gadgets to fight with terrorist with success. The meeting was also informed that more than 527 different development schemes would be got completed by the end of this financial years while new budget proposals from the public representatives and other stakeholders organizations were being received and consolidated for incorporation in the next budget. The meeting was also informed that fresh study about the taxes collection, expected receipts from Federal and Provincial Government was also being carried out, which would be followed by the size/volume of total development out lay for the year of 2014-2015.
Notice of the public complaints
KARACHI: Taking the serious notice of the public complaints of the people Specially against the Basic Services Provider Organizations reported in the press the Special Assistant to Chief Minister Sindh Mr. Imtiaz Malah has advised the people to contact with Chief Minister Public complaint Cell (PCC) with proof of their grievances and get their problem resolved through Tool free phone instead of agitating on the roads.
He said that Chief Minister Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah has established such complaint cell within CM House having its tool free telephone No. 0800-91915, 99202065, 99208081, and fax no 99202000 nowhere Provincial Ministers / responsible officers are getting complaints from every individual without any discrimination at any time not only to get his problem resolved but also to monitor the deliveries of organizations concerned.
He said that for instance as many as 1164 complaints were received from the people during the month of April 2014 out of which 1134 were got resolved, while only 30 complaints were in process of redressal. He said that this system would be more beneficial for the people and helpful for social justice and added that people to encourage and utilized it genuinely Mr.
Imtiaz Malah said that this complaint cell was also taking notice of press reports but failed to gather the proofs, which are suppose to be filed by the complainant. He stressed upon the individual specially NGOs working for social justice, to be active, monitor the working of organizations and give feedback and lodge complaint about the fouls of faulty organizations so that same can be stream lined in the interest of common men.

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