NCHD takes awareness rally to mark international literacy day

Awareness rally has taken place from Allah Wala Chowk to Badin Press Club to mark the International Literacy day.
According to a report, Awareness rally has taken out from Allah Wala Chowk to Badin Press Club to mark International Literacy day. Hundreds of participants including education officers, teachers, students, representatives of NCHD were participated the rally.
On the occasion, while addressing the participants of rally, Allah Dino Mallah, DO Head Quarter, said that quality education is a need of the nation. The nation cannot be developed without quality education.
Muhammad Siddique Soomro, President, GSTA Badin said that teachers associations now added a passage in their policy to spread the awareness regarding education to door step of the people.
Bahadur Bhurgari, Education manager, NCHD said that they are running more than 600 Schools for provision of the quality education to community of Badin district.

Government (Boys) High School Andhlo Badin celebrates Parents Day

Government (Boys) High School Andhelo Taluka Badin celebrated parents’ day. Ceremony was participated by huge number of parents, villagers, teachers and students.
Program was presided by the Head Master of the school, Abdul Sattar Bhurgari. Students of the school delivered their speeches on the eve and importance of the day.
Addressing the participants Head Master, Abdul Sattar Bhurgari said all students should obey and respect the parents and elders and it is valuable lesson to be good student and good citizen.
He said students should work hard to achieve their noble aim and destination in connection of their parents wish and aspiration to compete the challenges of future. He said the day to celebrate was not accomplishment of cause but to act according teachings and prescribed manifesto was the intention of the day.

Pakistan Fisher Folk Forum wins chairmanship of World Forum of Fisher Peoples (WFFP)

Sayed Muhammad Ali Shah, Chairman Pakistan Fisher Folk Forum (PFF) has been elected as Chairman of World Forum of Fisher Peoples.

According to a report, 6th General Assembly of World Forum of Fisher Peoples has been called on at Cape Town, a capital of South Africa. Representatives of 32 countries have participated in the General Assembly.

During the Ijlas representatives of 32 countries applauded & admired the services of Muhammad Ali Shah, Chairman of PFF towards upliftment, progress, development & achievement of rights of the fisher communities in Pakistan.

On the occasion, Sayed Muhammad Ali Shah, Chairman Pakistan Fisher Folk Forum (PFF) has been unanimously elected as Chairman of World Forum of Fisher People for 3 years. Fisher Communities of Badin has celebrated the delighted news & distributed sweets.

Workers of District Office Badin, Pakistan Fisher Folk Forum (PFF) including Mithan Mallah, Umer Mallah, Sajan Shaikh, Makkal Shah, Yaseen Tunio, Abida Jamali, Hyder Jarwar & others have also celebrate commemorative moments of gladness with pomp & show & distributed sweets.

Journalists of Badin stages a protest rally against the killing of journalist Arshad Mastoi & attacks on Media offices

Journalists of Badin staged a protest & demonstration against the killing of senior journalist Arshad Mastoi & attacks on media offices in Pakistan.

According to a report, Journalists of Badin press club staged a protest & demonstration led by Tanveer Ahmed Arain, President, Badin Press Club, Shoukat Ahmed Memon, General Secretary, Badin Press Club, Abdul Majeed Mallah, Vice President, Badin Press Club.

Hundreds of journalists, representatives of Civil Society of Badin including PFF, SPARC, Youths of Badin & others have joint their hands in protest & demonstration.

Carrying placards and banners, the protesters marched from Qazia Bridge (Mori) through Shah Abdul Latif road Badin to Badin Press Club and later staged a demonstration outside of the press club for several hours & chanted slogans against the attacks on media offices & journalists throughout the country especially in Quetta & Islamabad & killing of senior journalist Arshad Mastoi.

The protest was taken placed in the response of appeal of Pakistan Councils of Press Clubs & Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ).

During the demonstration, protesters chanted loudly slogans against killing of senior journalist Arshad Mastoi, attacks on media institutes, offices & violence on journalists of Pakistan.

Other hand, Badin Press Club was remained closed for a day to register the protest and highlight the threats to journalists face in Pakistan & observed black day by hoisting a black flag on Press Club.

On the occasion hundreds of citizens Badin also condemned the killing of journalists & attacks on media institutes & offices and expressed solidarity with the media community throughout the country.

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