Nation decided to make ‘Naya Pakistan’: Imran

MIANWALI: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan has reiterated that they would not bow before any oppression, Geo News reported.

Addressing a rally in his hometown Mianwali on Thursday, Khan said: “I will not leave people of Mianwali alone as they elected me to the National Assembly.”

“A day will come when people from across the country will travel to Mianwali for education” he said and vowed to bring development in the area.

Imran said he had never seen such a big gathering in Mianwali before this, adding that PTI was holding this massive rally on three-day notice.

Imran apologized people of Mianwali, saying he did not pay attention to them as he was fighting war against oppressors. He added that PTI will introduce a system where oppressed people get justice without any difficulty.

Khan said the nation has decided to make ‘Naya Pakistan’ and set a side the old one where people pay in the form of taxes and the rulers enjoy on this money.

He was of view that resolution had arrived at the every home in the country.

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