Govt was to be sent packing under bloody plot, claims Javed Hashmi

MULTAN: Senior politician, Javed Hashmi Thursday made another startling disclosure, saying seven-eight persons taking part in the Islamabad sit-ins were to be killed under a plot to create anarchy in the country, leading to the ouster of the incumbent government.

“Assassination of one prominent personality was also part of the plan,” Javed Hashmi claimed while addressing a press conference here at his residence.

Javed Hashmi, who had announced to quit as President Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on Wednesday, said the aim of the protests was to unravel and disrupt the entire system.

He said no one had any idea of the destination when the caravan of PTI began its journey from Lahore in the middle of August. “Somebody else was busy determining the destination,” he added.

He said after spending three days on Kashmir Road, the participants of the march were told to move further ahead. “No matter if some other forces were involved or not, the aim of the protest was to disrupt the entire system.”
Hashmi said had the plan ended in success, all political parties would have been banned in the country.

He said the PTI Chief Imran Khan made a mockery of the ballot exercise.

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