Research & Review: “History of Khaksar Movement in India” Thoroughly research and written by Prof. Amalendu De.

Inayatullah held that it was wrong to hold that the ‘Muslims are a dead nation’, that Christians and Hindus had never given any bad picture about the Muslims, although they were always afraid of the dynamic capacity of the Muslims for work. After the downfall of the Mughal Empire, especially at the time of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, there was a general feeling in a section of Muslims that ‘Muslims are a dead nation’ Everyone wanted to recite Mar Siyah or mourning song and thus by abusing the nation they weakened it. But Sir Syed and his companions were not in favour of reciting only Mar Siyah for the nation. They wanted to change the present situation and to bring the nation on a new line to adopted itself with the present situation Inayatullah pointed out that the acceptance of the Quranic directions by the Arabs was a great proof that the Arabs were not dead. This was a fact that no one could occupy any place among the Muslims without being truthful, unselfish and really great.
Inayatullah stated that he was asked by several persons whether he had changed his views embodied in the Tazkira after its publication. He replied in the negative. After a period of long study and useful experiences gathered by him during the period 1920-1930, and after travelling to Europe and several Islamic countries he did not consider any change in the Tazkira was called for. In fact he was unable to budge an inch from the stand he had taken ten years before, i.e., even three years before the completion of the Tazkira. He was grateful to God for showing him the eternal truth which, as he said, “is right today and right tomorrow”?

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