HYDERABAD: Bunyadi Huqooq Commission Pakistan chairman Abdul Jabbar Rehmani has demanded from director general of Hyderabad Development Authority and director P&DC to immediately obey orders of Mohatasab who had ordered them to refund the money of allotters of housing scheme adjacent to Madina town new Sabzi Mandi along with mark up.
In a statement Rehmani said the officers of H.D.A were willfully involved in conspiracy against extension of Hyderabad. He said old Hyderabad city was on verge of ruination while. He said in 1999 BHCP had given application to Mohatasab to either provide build up units to allotters or to refund amount they had paid along with mark up.
The H.D.A has started build up scheme for which of the allotters had deposited millions of rupees and many of them were issued lease orders he said and added that the scheme was abandoned in 2001and had requested to Mohotasab that scheme was not to be implemented.
He said on such submission the Mohatasab ordered to hand over land to private partners and amount paid to the allotters along with mark up. He said BHCP was in contact with H D A since last 13 years but the while elephant of H D A has turned ears.
He made appeal to supreme court to take notice of the slackness and carelessness of H D A and the matters pending with authority in relation to Gulshan Shahbaz,Kohsar extension,Madina town, Gulistan Sarmast and others and order to stop the loot and plunder with residents.

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