Machines: Unnatural Creation of Man!

THE HUMAN PROBLEM: Series letters to Scientists by Allama Innayatullah Khan Al-Mashriqi…. (Topics series)

We started Geometry (i-e the measurement of Earth) on the basis of point straight line and circle all three of which do not actually exist in Nature. No structure of Nature is geometrical in shape, nor is built by Nature on these fundaments. These fundaments were ideals of Human (rather Greek) mind because the Greek were intensively idealistic in the conception of their gods. This unnatural basis of the “knowledge of surface” or, shall one say superficial knowledge! Has brought us (through static’s and dynamics) to machines revolving on the points, moving on circles or straight lines, altogether unlike anything in Nature and giving impression of false creatorship! All mechanics is thus from Nature’s point of view an artificial instruments which helps Man to move only with his present physical organs. This type of mechanics can only take Man to places where his limbs can go not further. Electricity, light and radiation have helped mechanics in making Man hear, see, even feel and discover from long distances, but they are incapable of transporting the present physical organ of the Man astronomical distances. A much more powerful agent, it looks, the electricity even ‘a transporting one’ is required to take possession of heavenly bodies, If present types of mechanics is to continued un-condemned. On the other hand a Natural limit is already there on matter moving with large velocities. Man is thus making these machines for motion in a very limited sphere of action but the conquest of Nature seems hopeless with what he has created so far.
It looks as if the demands of lands Man has to conquer outside Earth are that over and above possessing means of transport carrying him billions and trillions of miles in a second, he should himself evolve into a mere “sprit” devoid of flesh and blood through soul racking efforts to possess supreme knowledge leading to more natural machines than the present ones, and then move on to more intensive struggles against Nature on the lines of climbs on Mount Everest etc. in which so many lost lives and limbs.

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