Lady Health Workers Program Sindh has launched 2 week long programs in collaboration of UNICEF to save mothers and next generation. First week starts from Monday ( 2 june ) to 7 June and the next will be October next. This was stated by Dr. Roshan Ali Bhatti provincial coordination lady health workers program Sindh while addressing news conference here Monday.
Elaborating need to get program kicked in, he said according to a survey on birth of every one lac children 275 mothers die and 54 children out of 1000 die in one month of birth,74 in first year and 94 within 5 years the main reason of which is unawareness about health among people,dearth of facilities, shortage of nutrition, complications of maternity and pneumonia and other dangerous diseases.
Dr. Roshan Ali Bhatti said 22576 lady health workers will be performing duties of immunization of various diseases by visiting doorsteps of each home as under:
-administration of polio drops to children from birth to 5 years age.

-giving anti worm tablets to children of the age from 2 to 5 years.

-all pregnant women will be given anti worm tables as well tetanus injections.

-to immunize all children from 2 to 5 years who were left over from previous and due defaulters.
He further said apart from this lady health workers would be imparting health education through holding sessions including awareness importance of washing hands, protected maternity,benefits of breast milk, awaresness on prevention of malaria.
He said 22576 LHW and 710 supervisors would give coverage to 19,588,157. He informed that monitoring plan has been made to supervise the program from provincial to union council level.

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