Degrees are not enough for success career youth need to acquire extra professional courses

Attaining the degrees are not enough for the career & those youths who want to be success in the future need to acquire some extra professional courses. It was stated by Qadir Mehmood Soomro, Director Safety, Health training & Consultancy Services during the workshop at Badin Press Club organized by Badin Youth Awareness Forum.
While sharing, he said that our youth may get degrees but if they have no professional degrees & relative information than definitely they would face failures everywhere in future. Moreover, he stressed the youth to avoid desecrating their precious time but they should pay their attention for professional degrees, courses & good information of their related subject.
Furthermore, Soomro said that if we have adequate information than we will be succeeded to get jobs in foreign. On the occasion, during his session, Aslam Khatti also said that choosing the departments according to our degrees is first step of the career counselling. He said that our youths are very brilliant & talented but we need to polish their capacities.
Professor Abdullah Nakash Memon said that youths should choose his/her career according to their choices. Our youth have to hard work for success & brighten future as unemployment should be reduced in our country. On the occasion, Engineer Aneel Siddique, President of Youth Awareness Forum Badin, Abu Talib Khaskheli, Khalil Rehman, Mehran Latif & others also delivered their speeches.

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