Lesser known health benefits of Peach

Peach is a juicy and delicious fruit which looks like an apple in shape and is a native to China. It’s very popular across the world for its unique flavour and is used in several desserts as an ingredient. The health benefits of peach is hardly known by people, but is definitely felt by the regular eater.

They are a rich source of vitamins, minerals and have other beneficial chemical content.

Here are some of the health benefits of peach –

Improves eye health

Peaches are rich in beta carotene which is responsible for eye health. Due to lack of beta carotene many people in the world suffer from sight problems. Beta carotene also prevent night blindness.

Good for skin

As peach is a great source of Vitamin C which is good for skin, it is widely used. Skin care is one of the major health benefits of peach. It also helps in reducing dark circles and wrinkles. Peaches are often used in cosmetics.

Loses weight

Regular intake of peach helps in losing weight. There is only 68 calories in one peach and no fat. However peach is an ideal for people on a diet as the sweetness of the fruit also controls food cravings.

Works against Cancer

Peaches are incredibly high in antioxidants called chlorogenic acid which is known to protect the body from cancer and other chronic diseases. It is responsible for reducing inflammation in the body. And also helps those suffering from arthritis and slow the ageing process.

Cleanses kidney

Potassium found in peaches are great for reducing kidney related diseases . It also helps to cleanse the bladder. Potassium and other vitamins in the fruit allows our body to maintain normal kidney and liver function. Consuming peaches will help prevent nephritis and a variety of other kidney diseases as well as help eliminate kidney stones.