In order to crush the criminals the district police have started the battle against outlaws’ involved in-creating lawlessness in district Shikarpur after getting free hand from the sindh government in this regard.
On the other hand the criminals have formulated their network to fight police at every stage while continuing their criminal activities including road robberies, kidnapping for ransom and other heinous offences.
The district police under the supervision of SSP Shikarpur Javeed Jiskani have started police operations and managing raids on the hideouts of the outlaws in the district. While the outlaws have started their efforts to commit crimes on roads and in other urban and rural areas for creating unrest for the people and difficulties for police in order to constrain the police force to be failed in all actions being taking against the outlaws in the district.
As a result of police operations district police Shikarpur were succeeded to overcoming the growing adverse situation of law and order in the district at some extent. But inspite of that the incidents of kidnapping, road robberies and motorcycles snatching are being increased.
Following the fresh police raid and operation against the criminals, three notorious dacoits identified as Ghulam Nabi Rahojo,Bhaoo Lund and Ayoub Marfani were killed by police during the encounter took place between the dacoits and police when the dacoits were trying to loot the passengers of the vehicles coming from both the sides on Shikarpur-Sukkur National high way road near Soomra Waahi within the jurisdiction of Sultankot Police Station on Sunday in early hours.
While according to police, about dozen of dacoits / outlaws were killed and many of the kidnappees were recovered through encountering with outlaws so for within two months after the newly posted SSP Shikarpur Javeed Jiskani assumed his office.
Where as on the other side the district president of Pakistan Muslim league Nawaz (PML-N) Dewan Bol Chand was deprived of his Motorcycle , cash and mobile phone set by the unidentified armed outlaws in city area of Shikarpur when he was on his way to his factory from the home in morning time on Saturday.
However the people of the district were not seemed satisfied from the police efforts to ensure the peace and calm including the provision of legal protection of life, property and honour to the citizens in the district.

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