Lecture on prevention from Brain Cancer held in Hyderabad

HYDERABAD: Consultant Neuro and spinal Surgeon, and Assistant professor of the department of the Neurosurgery of the Liquat University of Medical and Health Sciences (LUMHS), Jamshoro, Dr.Riaz Ahmed Raja has underlined the need of adopting effective strategy against increasing cases of Brain Tumor adding that the people could avoid the disease by adopting preventive measures.
About the causes of Brain Cancer, he mentioned Radiation to the head an inherited (genetic) risk, HIV infection, Cigarette smoking and environmental toxins (for example, chemicals used in oil refineries, embalming chemicals, rubber industry chemicals), he added.
Talking to newsmen on the eve of “World Brain Tumor” day here on Monday, he said that with tumors elsewhere in the body, the exact cause of most brain tumors is unknown. In many cases possible risk factors for brain tumor is not known for sure.
About the brain cancer symptoms Dr.Riaz Ahmed Raja informed that not all brain tumors cause symptoms and some are found mainly after death. The symptoms of brain tumors are numerous and not specific to brain tumors, meaning they can be caused by many other illnesses as well. The only way to know for sure what is causing the symptoms is to undergo diagnostic testing. He informed that some symptoms are most common included Headache, Weakness, Clumsiness, Difficulty in walking and Seizures.
About the brain cancer treatment Dr.Raja informed that different patients need different treatment.
He said that treatment regimens are based on the patient’s age and general health status as well as the size, location, type, and grade of the tumor. In most cases of brain cancer, surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy are the main treatment. Often, more than one kind of treatment is used, he added.
He informed that brain cancers are the consequence of abnormal growths of cells in the brain although many growths in the brain are popularly called brain tumors, not all brain tumors are cancerous. Cancer is a term reserved for malignant tumors.
He said that malignant tumors grow and spread aggressively, overpowering healthy cells by taking their space, blood, and nutrients and this is especially a problem in the brain, as the added growth within the closed confines of the skull can lead to an increase in intracranial pressure or the distortion of surrounding vital structures, causing their malfunction, Dr.Raja said.
He said that the most widely used treatments are surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. In some cases, more than one of these treatment types are used and the most people with a brain tumor undergo surgery.
He said that the radiation therapy is sometimes used for people who cannot undergo surgery. In other cases, it is used after surgery to kill any tumor cells that may remain. He said that new therapies for cancer are being developed all the time. Dr Riaz Ahmed Raja Further suggested that the clinical trials are available for virtually every kind of cancer and the advantage of clinical trials is that they offer new therapies that may be more effective than existing therapies or have fewer side effects.