Khaksar Tehreek Lahore Protests against Israeli strikes on Gaza

Khaksar Tehreek workers led protest demonstrations against Jewish Israel attacks on Gaza continued about a month long, killing innocent children and women, men
According to the Press Statement issued that a a large numbers of workers chanting slogans against Israel attacks on Gaza. They expressed full support for all victims of Palestine.
Khaksar Tehreek Deputy Secretary General Zaighum Al-Mashriqi led the protest and condemned Israel barbarism and brutal violence against Muslim Palestinian, he urged Muslim Countries to wake up and form a shield against the enemies.
Khaksar workers among Iqbal Abid, Younis Bhatti, Abdul Sattar Akhtar Abadi, Mustafa Jut, Shoukat Jat, Abid Zia, Shabir Sindhu, Malik Shahbaz and others spoke high against the Israel terrorism in the region they said.

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