Jihad and its Connotation Today


Jihad means the exertion of efforts for the cause of Allah. True jihad must begin in the heart of every individual against the evils of his or her own soul. Jihad against evil doings is also mentioned in Quran as:
“Kill them until there is no persecution”
“Fight against those who stop others from following the way of Allah”
“Fight against those who treat helpless men, women and children cruelly”
“Fight against those who fight against you and turn them out of the places taken forcibly from you”.
So religiously jihad means to fight in the way of Allah, Islam and to remove the evil from society and one’s own heart and to get basic human rights forcibly if not given.
After 9/11, the major developed countries which happened to be Non Muslim became against it and start considering it as a terrorism or anti-humanity movement. This propaganda is used to crush the Muslims of all over the world and to get all the dominance in the world so that not a simple Muslim will be in a power to challenge their decision, power, status and order.
Terrorism basically means the threat or use of force against civilians or the armed forces for political purposes. Groups of terrorists acting singly or jointly engage in bombings, killings, hijackings and massive destruction of property. Now it is becoming common that one state arranges terroristic missions for another state which could based on revenge or to suppress them. And in that race one state is blaming the other state for supporting these terroristic movements one such example of it is US blamed Afghanistan for promoting terrorism through Al Qaeda and of causing suicide plane attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon in 2001. India and Pakistan have been close to fighting a war. So has Sri Lanka blamed India for supporting the Tamil Tiger Guerillas in the country.
Quran says:
“Fight in the cause of Allah against those who attacks you. But be careful to maintain the limits”.
By limit means that use of force must be minimum as required according to the situation. Islam does not raise war against people but against oppression and evil doers. Muslim armies are forbidden to cause the destruction of property, the burning of houses, the wasting of crops and pastures, the filling of wells or deprivation of food. Mercy should be shown on the other party. So how could they violate the limits and commands of Allah they never can. The basic thing is that Non-Muslims are propagating it in order to crush all Muslims in poverty.
In order to change this perception of Non-Muslims, Mujahidin’s must call them for peace treaties, have conferences and friendly talk with them and if above all does not work then they go for the greater jihad which means jihad through sword. But they should try their best to maintain peace in the society and in the world.

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