JDHR training to focus on inclusive and Objective Media promotion

By Mukhtiar Hussain

KARACHI: Journalists for Democracy and Human Rights (JDHR) thoroughly discussed inclusive and media objectivety despite of reactive and affirmative journalism in in print and online media, a harmful nationaly.
Three days JDHR training workshop started at local hotel, was led by president Shafqat Munir and Senior Journalists among Sindh Chief coordinator Shahid Shah and Master Trainer Khalid Jamal.
Journalists Community in training workshop discussed core issues of media reporting particularly in different sections of society and minorities. Training discussed various issues that media should not differentiate in sections of society and religion, but balance reporting under positive constitutional facts.
Shaffat Munir emphasized on genuinely interfaith harmony in each and every sections of the society particularly Pakistan’s minorities when reporting, added that the space to fill an existence by realities and mutually acceptance in religion.
JDHR training workshop urged skilled journalists for balance reporting during conflicts or minorities issues, he said professional journalists are responsible in media reporting issues.
Shafqat said professional persons are responsible for genuine reporting with full information even media gap between minorities.
On the occasion, several male and female journalists attended training workshop including Nazir Siyal, Qazi Aijaz, Zulfhqar Rajpar, Zia Qureshi, Imran, Mukhtiar Hussain Siyal and others.

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