An Insight into Pakistani Online Shoppers Behavior

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Growing trend nowadays is online shopping. People in Pakistan are moving more towards online approaches to get their favorite product in easy way. This is why many names like Daraz and have emerged to show the significance of online shopping in Pakistan. But we need to know how customers react or what they love about such marketplaces. Following are few valued points which can give an insight into Pakistani online shoppers’ behavior:

Weekend is the Peak Time

Saturday and Sunday, these two are the wonder days for Pakistani citizens. During this period, people love to relax and spend more time with family and at home. That is why these days are also the peak days for online shopping. Whether you are a student or an employee, this time is considered best for buying products by remaining in comfort area.

Buyers Love Free Delivery

If you have to spend less money, you will definitely adore that place. Same is the matter here with online portals. If they are offering free delivery, it means there are more chances that customers will buy your products. Buyers are already paying the cost of merchandise, free delivery can surely be a diamond case for them.

They Like to Compare

Progress in internet services and online shopping trends have created lots of competitors. Along with big stores such as Yayvo; there are many other names like which are developing rapidly. When customers cannot find the right features on one platform they will undoubtedly like to switch. These features might include price details, colors or brand names.

brand names

International Brands are Their Favorites

When people start searching international brands on physical market, this becomes a headache. Traveling and time consumption is not feasible for everyone. That is why shoppers like to visit online portals. Online shopping in Pakistan is also famous for this fact that branded products that are not available on outlets will surely be there on shopping websites.

Less Prices, More Customers

This phenomenon is quite similar to Free Delivery service. If customer has to pay less price, he or she is certainly going to shop. This is the reason why sales are loaded with purchasers and occasions like Black Friday and Eid observe maximum sale of merchandises. Hence, discount is very much significance for online shoppers.

If you really want to have a successful online shopping business then it is necessary to ponder on the above points. This will lead to deep understanding on Pakistani online shoppers’ behavior.

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