The anti-human culture of terrorism and the religious extremism was exported from anti-Muslim forces at international level towards the province of sindh particularly aimed at destroying the socio-economic recourses in sindh to meet their purpose of stabling domination over the natural resources of the country while the province of sindh was very rich in God gifted natural resources.
Talking to media men at Mushwani House here in Shikarpur on Friday, Syed Jalal Mehmood Shah the chairman of Sindh Bachayo Committee (SBC) has further said that the province of sindh was already in great troubles due to settlement of a big population of out siders in the province and now the people of sindh could not afford more burdon of IDPs shifting from North Waziristan towards sindh after the Army operation being conducted against the terrorists there.
He expressed his fear of coming the terrorists in the shape of IDPs in sindh because of no any solid policy formulated for checking and identified the IDPs as the real people being arrived in the province. While the big number of the terrorists was already entered Karachi and other big cities in the province who were busy in terrorism in sindh which caused the unrest and lawlessness in Karachi and other parts of the province for which the target operation was continuing in Karachi particularly to ensure peace and tranquility there.
Said that the people of sindh wanted to serve the IDPs on humanitarian basis at every stage but at the present age they were not able to meet this purpose due to unbearable socio-economic problems to face therefore the people of sindh have decided to stop the arrival of IDPs in Karachi , Hyderabad and other parts of the province.
The chief of Sindh Bachayo Committee has decided to launch the protest moment against the settlement of IDPs in province of sindh in the larger interests of the people of sindh.
He however advised to federal government to setup relief camps at the safe places of Waziristan, Gilgit Biltistan, Banu , DI Khan and at Islamabad for keeping IDPs there. Where they may be provided all necessary relief goods as well as finical support there till the IDPs were returned to their native places without troubles and difficulties after the operation was stopped in their areas.
Latter Syed Jala Mehmood Shah accompanied by Agha Qamar Mushwani , Dr Niaz kalani , Sami Bilali , Shakeel Jhullan and other leaders of various nationalist parties and groups and other organizations affiliated with sindh Bachayo Committee to participate in protest demonstration staged near bypass road on khanpur Indus highway road in protest against the arrival of IDPs in sindh .
The traffic coming from both the sides remained suspended for hours due to demonstration.
The large number of the activists of Sindh United Party, Jeay Sindh Quami Mahaz, Jeay Sindh Mahaz, Sindh Adabi Sangat and other Social welfare organizations and nationalists groups participated in protest demonstration to meet the national cause of the people of sindh.

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