International Labour Day being observed today

ISLAMABAD: Like other parts of the world, International Labour Day is being observed today (Friday) in Pakistan.

May 1 is observed every year to celebrate the achievements of workers all over the world.

According to details, Rallies and demonstrations will be organised by various trade unions, workers’ organisations and non-governmental organisations on this day to highlight the basic rights of workers.

Pakistan’s first labour policy was devised in 1972, in which May 1 was declared an official holiday. This policy also formulated the creation of the Social Security Network, Old Age Benefit Schemes and Workers Welfare Fund.

Pakistan’s Constitution also contains various provisions and articles about labor rights.

It is important to note that Pakistan became a member of the International Labour Organization (ILO) right after its independence in 1947.

The ILO is a United Nations (UN) specialized agency that promotes social justice and universally acknowledged human rights.