Hrithik and Sussanne heading towards Bollywood’s costliest divorce

MUMBAI: When reports about Hrithik and Sussanne’s separation started surfacing in the grapevine, many started seeing the buzz as mere rumors.But when Hrithik admitted about separating from his lady love Sussanne on twitter, the revelation literally shocked everyone.

Although numerous buzzes pertaining to the the probable causes behind the this unholy separation followed Hrithik’s confession, but nothing concrete came out in open about the same.

Some said that it’s Hrithik over busy schedule and rumors about his alleged love-affairs with his co-stars which has cheesed off Sussanne. Whereas another sect of gossip-mongers tossed the chinwag that, it’s Sussanne’s proximity with Arjun Rampal which has imposed disaster on Roshan abode, but none of the rumors could be confirmed.

Just a few days back there was a buzz in the grapevine that Hrithik is trying to patch-up with Sussanne who shifted to a Bandra flat a few months back. But now the news which has just arrived from tinsel town suggests that couple is in no mood of uniting again, and Sussanne has demanded an alimony of approximately Rs 400 Cr. And what reports further suggest is that even Hrithik has agreed to pay Rs 380 Cr to pay as compensation. The couple has 2 sons Hrehaan and Hridhaan.

What Sussane may get?
If we go by the reports pertaining to the property and asset stature of the Hrithik then it turns out to be Rs 1500 crores approximately, and as per Indian laws Sussanne is entitled to get half of it. Property registered on Hrithik’s name include 100 acres of land in Bangalore, four floors in a commercial tower (Lotus Building) in Andheri a bunglow in Juhu and a flat in Singapore which is already registered on Sussanne’s name.

Besides, Sussanne who runs an interior decor business is also entitled to get half of the share from the money that Hrithik has earned from endorsements and royalties so far.

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