Research & Review: “History of Khaksar Movement in India” Thoroughly research and written by Prof. Amalendu De.

Inayatullah next posed this question : How would the Muslims be powerful again? According to him they will not get the blessings of God by merely retaining their Muslim names and declaring themselves Muslims. But to be a real believer and slave of God they must break the idol of self-interest which was always interfering with the orders of God. A true Muslim should not think about his health, wealth, children, property, wife, land and money as being more valuable than God. Moreover, he started that a few years back the Muslims made every kind of sacrifice in different movements. Yet they were not successful, for they were not united and organised under the command of an Amir. They also lacked determination for work. Inayatullah observed that idol worship by the Hindus or the worship of Jesus Christ by the Christians are not so ruinous as the worship of the idol of self interest by the Muslims. The latter is always pre-occupied with his own interests. He devotes his whole time to personal engagements and never cares about his nation or organisation. Inayatullah considered the Hindus to be blessed by God, and more obedient to Him than even the Muslims. They are united under one leader and ever ready to sacrifice everything for the cause of independence. In fact, they sacrificed crores of rupees during the hartals. They have self-control and do not waste money. So they are wealthy people.
They do not abuse each other and they always fulfill their promises. They are kind to each other, but hard to the enemies. According to Inayatullah they actually adhere to the Quranic injunctions. Though the Hindus worship thirty crores of idols, they are united in their action. They have no groupism in the name of Pandits and Mohants. They are not divided in thought and action. Their newspapers do not quarrel with each other. They have the capacity to form a united front because they are not selfish, and their only aim is the victory of their nation. In fact they believe in one supreme God. It would have been impossible for them to preserve unity if they believed in different Gods. And it is God’ who leads them towards truth. Mentioning this Inayatullah asserted:
Such a nation is really the follower of Islam and real believer in one God. They should not be called idol worshippers or non-believers. If, we say so, this is due to our ignorance, and nothing more than that.
For this reason Inayatullah did not accept the generally accepted definition of the term mushrik. Those who do not believe in one God are called mushrik.
According to this definition the Hindus are called mushrik by the Muslims. But Inayatullah was not willing to call the Hindus mushrik or idol-worshipper. He observed thus : “They are mushrik who make differences in their Jamaat (party). So I shall forgive all excepting the mushrik.” According to him other nations have reached the apogee of development by taking the idea of oneness of God. Unfortunately, the Muslims who were actually the torch-bearers of divine monotheism, have forgotten the principles of strength due to their ignorance and dishonesty.
Forgetting the qualities of Prophet Muhammad they are now organized in different sects or groups centering round different Pirs or Fakirs. Inayatullah believed that without leaving the worldly affairs the Muslims should work and earn money in an honest way. He could not understand the arguments of those who characterised the removal of 360 stone-idols from the Kaabah in Makka as the greatest work of Prophet Muhammad and as the greatest service to God. If that is so Inayatullah argued, then why is it not mentioned in the Quran? The removal of stone-idols was not the only big work done by Prophet Muhammad. He had done so many noble things. Inayatullah wrote that God has taught the Muslims to stand in a line in a military way to observe the namaz, to obey an amir, to pay zakat for the welfare of the nation, to keep rozah to suppress the evil and to go on hajj, and not bend their heads to anyone excepting God. But alas ! other nations have adopted these qualities. They are obedient to an Amir. They take part in parade) sacrifice their wealth, go to jails and face the gallows merrily. Their men, women, children and even the old people have shown such obedience to their leader that even the policy of British Government failed to produce any tangible result. The British could not suppress them.
In support of this statement Inayatullah referred to the hunger-strike observed by Jatin Das. He wrote thus:
Seventy days continuous fasting during the burning summer of a great man of the great Hindu nation, not habituated to keeping fast, has made such a tremendous achievement for his nation that it shook the very foundation of the British Government. But no one came out from the unfortunate Muslim community who could really compete with this non-religious fast. So, in my opinion, all our namaz and fasts of several hundred years have proved fruitless, because these could not unite the hearts, did not create a common center, could not make an Amir and thus our evil pro pensities could not be suppressed. But our self-interest has swollen ten times and the nation became desperate. And the results were their defeat, destruction and hell at the end.
To overcome these difficulties, Inayatullah suggested that the Muslim nation should introduce self-reform within its body-politic and thus set its house in order scrupulously. By this process the Muslims would gain strength and realize the significance of the early days of Islam. The Mujahids of Islam would come out in an humble and polite manner to serve the cause of God and they will be seen active in fields wearing badges with the monograms of God’s name. Thus the divine rule of the poor and oppressed people will be re-established on earth.

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