Hindus in Sindh celeberated Rakhsha Bandhan festival

Shakeel Khan
Hindu girls of the Upper Sindh including, Sukkur, Jaccababad, Ghotki, Khairpur, Shikarpur, Noshehroferoze and other districts of the Sindh tied Rakhis, an armband largely made from threads, rounds the wrists of their brothers on the Raksha Bandhan festival on Sunday.
According to Hindu mythology, the festival started the day when the eldest brother Udishtar, who was one of the five brothers among Panj Pandav, asked Kirshan Bhagwan to tell him how he could remain safe and secure from the troubles. Shri Kirshan Bhagwan told Udhister to celebrate “Raksha Bandhan” festival as it would keep him safe, so the myth goes.
Sisters tie Rakhi round the wrists of their brothers and pray for their long life and prosperity while the brothers pray for the long life of their sisters and present them gifts on the day.Rakhi is mainly imported from India and Panchayati Bazaar in Jacobabad Sindh is known for its sale where they are available in many colours and designs.

Rahu advises PTI to refrain itself from PAT

Shakeel Khan
President PML- N Sindh Muhammad Ismail Rahu has said that some political and non-political elements are endeavouring to push the country into darkness for achieving their nefarious designs.
While talking to different delegations here on Sunday, he said that people are fully aware of these elements and will not allow them to succeed in their designs of derailing the country from the path of development.
He said that PTI is a political party and it should refrain itself from PAT,” adding that PAT workers were indulging in criminal activities, so PTI must exhibit political wisdom and keep them away from elements, following foreign agenda to destabilize the country.
PML- N President Sindh Chapter Rahu said that 18 crore people will foil the conspiracies against the development of country.
He further said that people of Pakistan have given mandate of five years to PML-N which should be respected adding that that PML-N will honor its mandate and rid the country of all problems and put it on the road to progress.
He said that PML-N government has started a new era of development throughout the country during last one year and mega projects of infrastructure and energy are being completed speedily.
Muhammad Ismail said PTI should wait for four more years for elections instead of putting the country into mess and anarchy.