Hindu Panchayat Larkana disown Sindh Hindu Council intended at Larkana on April 11

G R Gorar/Nazir Siyal

LARKANA:  Pooj Hindu Panchayat Larkana disowned to Sindh Hindu Council public gathering which is to be held at Sambara inn Larkana regarding the issues of Hindu on 11 April 2014,

In press statement issued by press secretary Dr Sudham Chand Ahuja, Chairperson Hindu Panchayat Larkana Advocate Kalpna Devi have rejected it and said that Vijay Kumar Advani, the leader of Sindh Hindu Council (SHC) has convened the convention on problems of Hindu community on his own platform but Pooj Hindu Panchayat Larkana has no concern with Sindh Hindu Council.


G R Gorar/Nazir Siyal

LARKANA: A bullet riddled body of man was found near Village Banguldero here on Wednesday.

According to Police, villagers and Police recovered the dead of Anwar Ali Lolai who was reportedly killed by unidentified armed men, near Banguldero village, deceased was chokidar in FWO.

Police shifted the dead body to local hospital, after the medico legal formalities, dead body was handed over to his heirs; no case of incident could be registered till the filling of news file.


G R Gorar/Nazir Siyal

LARKANA:  66 year old Mazhar Ali Qadri retired Post Master resident of Ratodero city District Larkana continued his protest and token hunger strike for consecutive 66 months for the recovery of stolen valuables of Rs 0. 5 million here in front of Larkana Press Club.


Protesting man was carrying the placard inscribed slogans in favor of his longstanding demand to recover the stolen valuables and arrest the involved accused.

Talking to media men Mazahar Ali Qadri  told the Journalists that former Chief Justice Supreme Court of Pakistan had taken notice of his matter few years back and ordered to Police for recovery of stolen valuables but despite of passing several months , local Police failed to obey the Court orders and did not arrest the  involved accused.

He said his house was looted and stolen the valuables worth of Rs 0.5 million from his house by accused, who were nominated in case among Nizakat Channa, Nisar alias Makhno Channa, Shahzad alias Arbelo Channa  but concerned Police were reluctant to arrest the accused,  wondering in Ratodero city.

He informed that so far he has spent Rs 0.3 million on cases for recovery of stolen valuables and arrest of accused but still he has failed to get justice for past 5 years, he said.

He appealed to Chief Justice Supreme Court of Pakistan Tasaduq Hussain Jilani to take notice of matter and provide him justice.

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