Groundbreaking research – Going bald can increase your IQ by 10 points !

You might love your hair and may constantly be worrying about how quickly you are losing it, but it is time that you put these thoughts aside and consider going bald. Why? According to a new study, it can increase your IQ, by a whopping 10 points!

Researchers at University of Curryland conducted a study on 400 individuals and reached a conclusion that going bald makes immediate and incredible improvements to a person’s IQ. The study led by Dr Parkin Johnson was published in the journal Human Hairopia.

For the study, 400 men with varying degrees of hair were made to give IQ tests – first with full hair, then after going bald and then again, after regaining their lost hair.

Interestingly, it was observed that their scores improved by as much as 10 points after going bald. These scores dropped again when these men gave the test after regaining their lost hair.

‘This research makes a startling revelation of how having hair may not be such a good thing for men. Hair puts unnecessary pressure on the many nerves present in the human brain and thus reduces brain function. Our research may start the trend for the bald hairstyle!’, said Dr Parkin Johnson.

Ronald Donchester, a 21 year-old-student, who took the report appeared extremely shocked. “This was the first time I have gone bald in my life and the result was shocking – science concepts which I found difficult to grasp suddenly seemed easy, my preparation time for exams has reduced and I remember more while writing the exam.’, he said.

The study has invited great applause from some sections and criticism from others. Paramananda Purohit, a pandit from Tirupati said,’All religious customs have a scientific base and this research proves it. Why do you think we ask our devotees to shave their hair? It enlightens them.’

However, the members of GHAI (Global hairstylists against injustice) have gone on strike saying that scientists should check the IQ scores of participants after a stylish haircut. ‘It doesn’t matter whether you go bald. Getting a haircut anyway will refresh you and make you feel great about life thus improving your IQ. Why don’t the researchers study that too.’, said Tom Presley, a renowned hairstylist.

So, the next time you need to push harder for your exams or job interviews or even the upcoming season of KBC, it’s simple. Just go bald!

Note: If you thought this was true, Happy April Fools’ Day to you! All places, universities, doctors mentioned are fictional and there’s no real reason for you to consider going bald.

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