Foresees general elections next year and will not let Sindh be divided: Imran

Sameer Nazir Siyal/Imtiaz
Pakistan Tehreek-e-Inasaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has said that PTI will not support any decision against Sindh division and or construction of Kala Bagh Dam until Sindh people oppose it.
PTI chief Imran Khan arrived in an special plane at Mohenjo-Daro airport from where the caravan reached Ali Abad to address PTI’s grand show in PPP’s bastion Larkana with the crowd chanting with slogans “Go Nawaz, Go”.
Addressing first time a mammoth rally in Bhutto’s bastion Larkana, as PTI calls it a Sunami, a large number of Larkana people mostly among those were with PPP in Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s time and their new generation annoyed the policies of PPP. PTI Chief Imran Khan along with Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Jahanger Tareen and other leaders when reached Ali Abad public gathering, he said the people of Sindh particularly Larkana has welcomed PTI with open arms and supported the new Pakistan, when he comes in power the rights of Sindh province would be fulfilled.
He said that the people of Sindh are annoyed over the leaders’ bad deeds and their policies and failed to deliver since long while in government, asking the participants whether a party that had already failed to improve things in six elected terms so how should be given yet another chance.
Khan affirmed that the only the merit will be made a new Pakistan because the PTI understands to proper delivery and development he said. He also praised Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa police, saying it was the best police force in the country, while he also referred about the Shaukat Khanum because it is due to the complete merit and only with good spirit Imran said.
He said there is no any favoritism with any SHO or other member of the police in the province even no fake FIRs registration he said. Every citizen has rights to be given him justice and proper attention he said.
PTI Chief said that he admires the Larkanians to hear the same chant to reach Sindh specifically in Karachi and Larkana, “Now there is no way to Nawaz and wants to hear Go Zardari, Go being chanted loudly in Sindh,” he said on the occasion.
Imran said the people of Pakistan and the provinces among KP and Punjab had been awoken their deep sleeps and now they all realized the past and present practices of the government, adding that he wants the same in Larkana for the people from Sindh on the occasion.
He also appealed all the rally people to be united at the PITs plate form he will introduce a local body system in Sindh he said. He also condemned the members Sindh Assembly that they will compliment with their own agendas as he scared if they compliment me it would be that mean doing something with the criticism etc.
He further said that if the rights snatched than the rights denied and injustices repeated added that the 6 million children are out of schools, there are no health services in the hospitals of the far flung areas of Sindh, merit denied and jobs were sold in Sindh. He said 500 billiion of NFC award received to the present government but the health and education in a devastated situation he said. In Pakistan every three among two ghost schools of Sindh reported, so that the prosperity is vital for the country and economy, while the dacoits protested against police extortion in Ghotki, which is a deplorable situation he said.
PPP has enjoyed seven times in government but failed to deliver so that never be given chance again he said. He said Sindh blessed with heavy resources of coal and others, but the Thar people are suffering despite of black gold with them. PTI will come into power and make autonomous to the health education and other institutions to revolutionize the system he said.
He said upcoming year would be the election year and the people will not support PPP or else one, they have rejected them. He said the new Prime Minister would be the true and honest one by the PTI, added the Pakistani nation will the supreme nation after new Pakistan he said.
They questioned that daily 12 dead bodies received in Karachi or people kidnapped for ransom and educated youth are being denied but never voice raised but they are settled in London, Dubai but nation suffering their miseries they said.
Later, Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Jahangir Tareen said that the Larkana people have rejected the resolution of PPP parliament resumption and criticized the Nisar Khuhro and there is no certificate to Imran Khan. We have witnessed the Larkana people that they are suffering low paddy rates and the Haris of Larkana look for the justice but have you tabled the resolution of growers in Assembly ?
Earlier, the Camps of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf were established in Larkana city and along the airport road leading to the public meeting venue and party songs played at the camps and stage of public meeting.
PTI and district administration has taken strict security arrangements for the rally the peoples’ caravans flown to Ali Abad Larkana throughout Sindh and lower Punjab parts to attend rally.

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