10 common diet mistakes people make when losing weight

Tired of pushing yourself too much in the gym but still frustrated about results on the weighing scale? Well, you might be doing it wrong! Here is a list of some common mistakes that people make on a weight loss spree that leaves them disappointed in spite of the best intentions.

#1 Eating the wrong health foods

A weight loss dieting spree has to be no different from what we generally eat as healthy fresh produce. Opting for those high-protein shakes and meal replacements can be convenient but it also leaves you less satisfied after consumption. Weight loss quick-fixes are just a bunch of processed stuff that can never replace healthy eating.

#2 Consuming ‘zero’ calorie fizz drinks

It is a health halo to believe that ‘zero’ calories is healthy. These low-calorie health drinks have a lot of added sweeteners, artificial preservatives, stabilisers and flavours that make up for the low sugar. These still have delirious health side-effects.

#3 Adding high-calorie, high-fat dressing

Just because you are eating a salad for lunch does not mean that you can get away with an extra helping of high- calorie, high-fat dressing. These salad dressings literally sabotage the entire purpose of you eating a salad. Instead, choose fresh herbs and spices to add that extra zest in your salad.

#4 Putting olive oil over everything you eat

Yes, olive oil is healthy but that does not mean that you put olive oil over everything that you eat. It can be a good health switch to your usual oil but its consumption is still to be kept under check.

#5 Not paying attention to portion size

You may slash your potato chips consumption and grab some nuts but it is also important for you to keep a check on your portions. You do not have a free pass to eating as much as you want just because it’s healthy. These healthy swaps are generally packed with calories and that’s something you need to keep a check on.

#6 Cutting down on mid-meal snacks

Fuelling up your body throughout the day at equal intervals is very important. It not only gives us an energy spike to keep up throughout the day but also enhances body metabolism. Cutting down on mid-day meals in order to save yourself some extra calories can do more harm than good.

#7 Not eating a healthy breakfast

We have heard enough about how breakfast is the most important meal of the day but we many a times do not put it to use. Skipping breakfast can make you reach out for foods and take you on a binge-eating spree. Have a balanced breakfast that keeps you nourished and going all day long.

#8 Eating out too frequently

Even though we pick out the healthiest eating place, socialising or eating out too much makes us consume more than what is required. We let our guard down and indulge in the oh-so-tempting delicacies and end up with a guilt trip. Try making your own meals as much as possible and be mindful of what you eat.

#9 Not hydrating enough

Water can work as a magic bullet when you are trying to lose weight. We do not hydrate enough due to wrong lifestyle habits and this reflects badly on our body. We also fail to classify the difference between thirst and hunger and this leads us to snacking that was uncalled for.

#10 Starving yourself

Skipping a meal may make sense as it helps you shave off some extra calories but it’s not a wise thing to do. Skipping a meal will make you ravenous by the next meal which will make you eat more than you need to and pack on extra calories than you planned.

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