HYDERABAD: First monsoon showers since after last mid night has caused more miseries to people than cheers as many as 14 districts of Sindh were facing power outage since more than 12 hours. With black clouds on the sky the upper and lower Sindh was plunged into darkness of no electricity.

The rain has turned weather pleasant with rural people of Thar, coastal belt of lower Sindh that is Badin, Thatta and Sujawal districts and some parts of Thar were jubilating the nature that people who were crying for shortage or no water for irrigation, has brought them heavenly water that was to save their standing crops.

The Hesco has said that Jamshoro Thermal power house 500 KV gird station had caught fire which last night which plunged 14 districts into darkness.

It said 67 grid stations out of 71 in Sindh were closed the work on which was continuing. Hesco said the power could be restored in 5 hours but it is now more than 12 hours that power outage continues till filing this report.

In cities and towns including Hyderabad the low lying areas were inundated with drizzling here and there causing more difficulties for citizens who were already facing unhygienic conditions of their areas with heaps of garbage and choked gutter water now mixed with rain water.

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