Entrepreneurs needed at Khairpur Mir’s

Fahad Bhayo

Khairpur Mir’s, the hometown of Chief Minister of Sindh Qaim Ali Shah, is a small town situated near Sukkur famous for its date production and a hotspot for this global business.The Date production at Khairpur Mir’s plays a significant economic role in the exports of Pakistan.
The date farms have been a buzzing business in this area but the main enemy of date production is rain. Date production has different phases and every phase has its product, the Khajur is the last phase done through the process of allowing Dates on earth to dry through sunbathe in open fields. But the season has its schedule clash with monsoon rains.
This rain destroys the Khajurs in the rudimentary stages in mythical proportions, resulting in a hefty economic loss for the exporters of Pakistan.
The farm owners have nothing else but to pray for a late monsoon season. It is sad to see that in this dynamic world teeming with innovators and entrepreneurs yet nobody has dared to bring innovation in the production process that could save millions of rupees being destroyed by rain water every year.